The 2023 Baoding Yuexin Cooling & Warming Shanghai Exhibition will end, and we look forward to meeting in Beijing in 2024--YESNCER

The YESNCER Family

YESNCER embodies a harmonious, united, and amiable family, where we joyfully collaborate every day.

The delightful working atmosphere fills us with happiness, fostering not only a collegial bond but also a sense of kinship.

We tackle challenges together and share the rewards of our collective efforts.

Fragments of our good life

Our leader, Jackson Lee, firmly believes that individuals with a strong sense of responsibility towards their family and who contribute to its happiness will excel in their professional endeavors.

Jackson Lee frequently reminds us that work is a means to achieve a better life, and diligent effort is an integral part of life.

Home serves as a warm sanctuary, a beacon of love that guides us. Friends are invaluable treasures, akin to a fine glass of wine and a source of support.

We find solace within the embrace of understanding, tolerance, and encouragement from family members, and the trust, support, and mutual assistance of friends.

With a caring family and close friends, life becomes radiant with sunshine, hope, and the true beauty and joy it holds.

Join me, my friend, and let us embark on this journey of life together.

Jackson Lee
CEO . I am primarily responsible for providing resource deployment support to our experienced sales team.
Engineering Project Service. I am responsible for assisting engineering project customers by providing expertise in matching and designing HVAC systems, as well as helping them select the most suitable products for their needs.
Technical Director. I possess an extensive 25-year background in guiding and installing HAVC projects with precision and expertise.
Technical Director. Please refrain from taking photographs of me as I am not accustomed to it. Instead, I derive great pleasure from meticulously studying engineering drawings.
Distributor Account Manager . With 16 years of experience living abroad, I am a senior project account manager in the HAVC industry.
Engineering Account Manager. I have undertaken hundreds of large-scale engineering projects to exceed the expectations of our valued clients and provide more professional services.
Engineering Account Manager. Embrace a vibrant lifestyle while maintaining an industrious work ethic. In a warm and friendly manner, cater to each customer by offering an HVAC solution that perfectly aligns with their unique engineering requirements.
Engineering Project Service. I have been responsible for more than 200 engineering projects. You can trust my professional ability.
VIP Account Manager. I am responsible for customizing products and catering to the unique needs of our customers or developing molds specifically tailored to their requirements.

YESNCER Extend A Warm Welcome To You In China, Inviting You To Visit The YESNCER Factory and Savor The Local Delicacies and Wines.

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