What Are The Differences Between Fan Coil Units And Duct Machines?

Fan coil units and air duct machines are not the same type of electrical appliances and have different effects, so special attention must be paid to them.

What are the differences between fan coil units and duct machines?

1. Different properties:

The fan coil is the end air outlet machine of the water air conditioning system, and the air duct machine can be driven by power.

2. Different working principles:

the duct unit is an outdoor unit with an indoor unit, and the cost of the air duct unit is relatively cheap. The central air conditioning fan coil unit is an outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, and the price is relatively expensive.

3. Different performance:

Central air conditioners are used with fan coil units to provide a more comfortable indoor environment temperature. The comfort of fan coil units is better than that of air duct machines. The temperature is constant and comfortable, the noise is low, and the cooling and heating are constant.

4. The installation is different.

Fan coil units require an outdoor unit, while central air conditioners do not need to install an outdoor unit.

5. Market prices are different.

The price of the fan coil unit is lower than that of the air duct unit.

Duct machine
Duct machine

How to choose central air conditioningļ¼Ÿ


1. Choose a reasonable air conditioning layout.

The main unit should be placed in a well-ventilated place for easy maintenance and should be as hidden as possible to avoid affecting the beauty of the house or generating too much noise. The location of the indoor unit must match the decoration layout and be hidden in the ceiling. It can usually only be placed at a height of 0.25m.

2. Determine the indoor unit and air outlet.

Generally speaking, one air conditioner is required for every 12 square meters. Therefore, only one air outlet is required per room. If the room is larger, you can add an air outlet.

3. Choose the right price.

The price of central air conditioning is around 500 per square meter. The selling price will vary slightly according to the brand and user needs, and the prices of different dealers of the same product will also be different.

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