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YESNCER is a leading manufacturer of ultra-thin fan coil units in China. This is a high-end fan coil unit that is very suitable for home use. The ultra-thin fan coil units we manufacture have the following characteristics:

੦ Thin

੦ High Power

੦ Easy To Install

੦ Simple And Beautiful Appearance

YESNCER Ultra Thin Fan Coil


With 35 years of experience in manufacturing ultra-thin fan coil units, YESNCER is a trusted industry leader.

The ultra-thin fan coil unit is designed specifically for residential use, offering a high-end solution for home cooling and heating needs. With a sleek body thickness of only 130mm, it not only delivers outstanding performance but also adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Operating at a low noise level of just 15-36 decibels, this unit incorporates a powerful DC motor for efficient and rapid cooling and heating. It provides multiple control modes and can be installed in various ways, including wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-mounted options. Installation and usage are simple and convenient, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers.

To ensure your satisfaction with our product quality, we offer free samples for you to evaluate. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will be delighted to provide them at no cost.

Ultra Thin Fan Coil

Ultra-thin fan coil unit

Model: YG-20
Thickness: 130mm
Height: 575mm
Captain: 950
Air outlet length: 550
Air inlet length: 760
Voltage range: AC190-250V, 50/60Hz
Speed range: 200-2200rmp
Air volume range: 200-700m³/h
Noise range: 15-35dB
Cooling capacity (7°): 3950W
Heating capacity (35°): 2200W
Heating capacity (45°): 3800W
Heating capacity (60°): 5900W
Net weight: 17.9KG
Packing size: 1010*670* 185

Ultra-thin fan coil unit

Model: YG-30
Thickness: 130mm
Height: 575mm
Machine length: 1225mm
Air outlet length: 1220
Hook spacing: 1030
Voltage range: AC190-250V, 50/60Hz
Speed range: 200-2200rmp
Air volume range: 300-1100m³/h
Noise range: 25-45dB
Cooling Capacity (7°): 5900W
Heating capacity (35°): 3100W
Heating capacity (45°): 5500W
Heating capacity (60°): 8850W
Net weight: 22.8KG
Packing size: 1290*670*185

Vertical surface mounted fan coil unit

Models: FP-34, 51, 68, 85, 102, 136, 170, 204
Thickness: 180mm
Height: 630mm
Body length: 752-1852mm
Air outlet length: 400-1500mm
Motor power: 12-40W
Static pressure at air outlet: 12Pa
Air volume: 350-2050 m³/h
Cooling water temperature: 7°
Cooling capacity: 2.2-11kw
Heat: 3.3-16.4Kw
Hot water temperature: 60°
Noise decibel: 35-49dB
Power : 30-180W
Net weight: 11-29kg
Packing size: (770-1870)*590*240mm

Ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit
Ultra Thin Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil

Models: FP-51, 68, 85, 102, 136, 170
Thickness: 190mm
Body length: 675-1505mm
Air outlet length: 500-1330mm
Motor power: 12-40W
Static pressure at air outlet: 12Pa
Air volume: 530-1750 m³/h
Cooling water temperature: 7°
Cooling capacity: 4.4-13.5kw
Heat: 2.95-9.0Kw
Hot water temperature: 60°
Noise decibel: 33-48dB
Power: 48-148W
Net weight: 13.5-26.7kg
Packing size: (800 -1650)*590*230mm

4-Way Cassette fan coil unit
4 Way Cassette

Models: FP-34, 51, 68, 85, 102, 136, 170, 204, 238
Thickness: 190mm
Body length: 950*950*300mm
Motor power: 12-40W
Static pressure at air outlet: 12Pa
Air volume: 340m-2380m3/h
Cooling water temperature: 7°
Cooling capacity: 4.4-13.5kw
Heat: 2.95-9.0Kw
Hot water temperature: 60°
Noise: 34d-44dB
Power: 48-148W
Power supply: 200-240V/1/50Hz
Net weight: 13.5-26.7kg
Packing size: (800 -1650)*590*240mm

Wall-mounted fan coil unit
Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

Model: 2P, 3P
Thickness: 195mm
Body length: 950*950*300mm
Motor power: 18W
Motor: Brushless DC
Static pressure at air outlet: 12Pa
Air volume: 600m3/h
Cooling water temperature: 7°
Cooling capacity: 4-9kw
Heat: 2.95-9.0Kw
Hot water temperature: 60°
Noise: 32-40dB
Power: 50-198W
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ
Net weight: 3.5-10kg
Packing size: 850*285*195mm

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Advantages Of Ultra Thin Fan Coil

  • Schematic diagram of three different inlet and outlet pipe connection methods for ultra-thin fan coil units
    Three Different Water Connection Methods

    The ultra-thin fan coil unit offers three versatile water pipe connection options, ensuring effortless installation:

    01. Right/Left Side

    02. Back Side

    03. Bottom Side

    These flexible water pipe connection methods cater to a wide range of installation environments, providing your customers with abundant installation choices.

  • Close-up of the enlarged details of the water inlet and outlet of the ultra-thin fan coil unit
    Water Pipe Direction Can Be Easily Adjusted Or Modified

    The ultra-thin fan coil unit allows for the interchangeability of the water inlet and outlet in both left and right directions.

    For optimal installation, your customers have the flexibility to exchange the positions of the water inlet and outlet based on their specific requirements.

    The process is straightforward, simply remove the screws and adjust the direction of the evaporator coil.

    If you require assistance in changing the water inlet and outlet direction, please feel free to contact me for an instructional video.

  • Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Fan Wheel And Motor--YESNCER
    DC Motor ABS Environmental Blower Wheel

    The brushless DC motor boasts an exceptional service life of over 15 years, guaranteeing stability and operating silently with 0 noise. The blower wheel, crafted from ABS material, is non-toxic, odorless, and renowned for its durability, resistance to deformation, and distortion.

    The concentric positioning of the motor holder ensures that the motor, fan, and tail positioning cushion align perfectly in a straight line during operation.

    As a result, this fan coil unit operates smoothly, generating a mere 15-38 dB of noise, delivering an impressively low acoustic level.

  • Ultra-thin surface mounted fan coil unit front 1

    The sheet metal components are meticulously crafted using 0.8mm thick hot-dip galvanized sheets, ensuring a seamless one-time molding process free from imperfections or oil residue.

    The surface features a high-gloss spray finish, resulting in a clean and impeccably smooth appearance.

    Customization options are available for the product’s shape, exterior color, and control module functions, allowing for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

  • Demonstration diagram of three installation forms of Slim fan coil unit
    Vertical Ultra Thin Fan Coil Unit

    The rear side of the ultra-thin fan coil unit is designated as the installation position for the machine.

    Three installation options are available:

    Ceiling Mounted

    Floor Standing

    Wall Mounted

  • Ultra-thin fan coil touch screen thermostat
    Ultra Thin Fan Coil Control Method

    Temperature Control Options: Touch Screen Control (with Remote Control), Mobile App Control, and Centralized Controller.

    The air outlet is located on the left side of the touchscreen thermostat.

    The unit is constructed using durable aluminum profiles and high-quality plastic parts, ensuring a service life of over 10 years.

Other Ultra Thin Fan Coil Advantages

  • Ultra-thin Cassette Fan Coil Working Status Display
    Cassette Fan Coil Unit

    Type: Way/2 Way/1 Way/360° Round Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit

    1 Way/2 Way: Designed for narrow and elongated spaces, providing airflow in a single direction.

    4 Way: Ideal for larger spaces that require airflow from all sides.

    360° Circular Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit: Specifically designed for spaces where concentrated downward airflow is needed.

  • Ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit air outlet open working status display
    Cassette Fan Coil Wind Deflector

    Cassette fan coil units are an ideal choice for ceiling installations in various buildings.

    Advantages: These units offer the flexibility to adjust the wind outlet angle based on the specific requirements of the space.

    The box-type fan coil unit features panel and air deflectors made of ABS material, ensuring an integral structure that eliminates deformation, color fading, and condensation issues.

    I can confidently provide a 3-year guarantee for these units.

  • Ultra-thin cassette fan coil display temperature location details
    Function Dashboard

    Introducing the remote control reception and function indicator board, featuring the following components arranged from left to right:1.Tact switch;2.Power supply;3.Refrigeration;4.Indoor temperature display;5.Heating;6.Wind speed;7.Fault display;8.Remote control receiving window
    The remote control has a working distance of 5 meters, offering sensitive signal reception and enabling convenient multi-functional integrated control for customers.

    Remote control receiver and function indicator board come with a 3-year guarantee.

  • Cassette fan coil surface cooler
    Process Advantages Of Evaporator Coil

    Aluminum Foil: Utilizing an automatic fin grinding tool with a large opening, ensuring a fin pitch of 2.1mm.

    Copper Tube: Employing a fully automatic tube bending machine to guarantee consistent wall thickness and stability.

    Tube Expansion: Utilizing vertical tube expander equipment, providing a evaporator coil that is 10 cm longer compared to other manufacturers.

    Number of Copper Tubes: Utilizing double-row copper tubes, surpassing the use of single-row copper tubes by most other manufacturers.

    Collecting Head: The waterway is meticulously designed to meet national water resistance standards.

  • Cassette fan coil machine internal structure
    Cassette Fan Coil Internal Structure

    ABS Blower Wheel: Ensures a noise reduction of 3-5 decibels.

    Centrifugal Fan: DC motor, delivering efficient airflow.

    Lifting Water Pump: Boasts a long service life, capable of continuous operation for up to 20,000 hours without interruption. The water pump is designed to prevent burning and features a large, lightweight float that can handle a lift of up to 800mm.

    Water Tray: Provides a durable construction with a double-layer inner blister design for enhanced waterproofing. The outer foam is made from high-density, flame-retardant material, ensuring safety and longevity.

  • Normal Motor VS My Motor
    Normal Motor VS My Motor

    Brushless DC Motor: The motor stands as a crucial component, and both Midea and I select the same supplier.

    The implementation of a DC brushless motor enhances energy efficiency and reduces operational noise.

    The motor body and coil are enlarged, increasing internal coil stability and better safeguarding against motor burnout caused by voltage and current instability during extended usage.

    For superior shock absorption, the motor shock pad utilizes top-quality silicone material, boasting a diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 16mm. This surpasses standard market shock-absorbing rings by 10mm in diameter and 6mm in thickness.

  • Ordinary Surface Cooler Vs My Surface Cooler
    Ordinary Evaporator Coil Vs My Evaporator Coil

    To enhance the customer experience, we have incorporated a new type of bridge fin, which boasts a heat dissipation area 13% larger than that of corrugated fins.

    Under identical working conditions, our evaporator coil demonstrates a cooling capacity 12.9% higher than that of corrugated evaporator coils.

    Furthermore, the bridge-type fan coil evaporator coil fins significantly reduce noise levels by over 10dB.

    We have also increased the length and number of copper pipes, resulting in a 30% boost in cooling and heating capacity for the high-hanging fan coil unit.

  • Component Flame Test
    High Hanging Fan Coil Component Flame Test

    Outstanding Fireproof Performance: Through specialized treatment, it exhibits excellent fireproof and flame retardant properties, ensuring enhanced safety.

    Versatile Applications: It finds utility across a wide range of settings, including hotels, hospitals, schools, public transportation, and more, providing a secure environment.

    Environmental Friendliness and Health: Compliant with stringent environmental protection standards, it poses no harm to human health, guaranteeing peace of mind.

    Robust Anti-Pollution Capability: The surface has undergone professional treatment, equipping it with exceptional waterproof, oil-proof, and anti-pollution characteristics. This facilitates effortless cleaning and maintenance.

  • Wall-mounted fan coil unit noise laboratory test noise
    Hydronic Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit Noise Test

    Noise Laboratory Testing for Wall-Mounted Fan Coil Units: Every fan coil unit in our lineup has undergone rigorous testing at a dedicated noise testing laboratory.

    The noise data obtained is the outcome of meticulous evaluations using professional-grade equipment.

    Should the noise values fall outside our specified range, our technical department diligently works to enhance product performance and structure until meeting the desired data standard.

    Standard fan coil units have successfully undergone testing and are now being mass-produced.

    For customized ultra-thin fan coil units and newly developed models, they undergo extensive experimental testing in hundreds of iterations before entering mass production.

  • Appearance Of Wall-Mounted Fan Coil
    Hydronic Wall Mounted Fan Coil Units

    The entire unit features an elegant ivory-white color, blending seamlessly with walls of various colors. Constructed from durable ABS material, it maintains its original color over time. The logo is embossed with bronzing material, lending a striking 3D effect.

    The display can be dimmed for a cleaner appearance, while the panels can be easily opened for convenient cleaning.

    With a widened 100mm air outlet, the airflow becomes smoother, enabling the immediate release of a powerful air volume.

    The air outlet can be adjusted to a 135° angle, expanding the temperature distribution range and ensuring a more uniform temperature across every corner of the room.

  • Working principle of ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit draining condensate
    Easy To Install And Maintain

    The area delineated by the red wireframe is designed for easy disassembly, facilitating convenient installation, repair, and maintenance of the drainage pump.

    The advanced model comes equipped with an integrated drainage pump, while the standard model features an external drainage pump.

    If you opt for the built-in drain pump, we will include a check valve as well. This valve effectively prevents water backflow and the entry of outdoor odors or insects.


  • Details of the air outlet of the 190mm ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit
    Ultra Thin Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil

    With a mere 190cm thickness, our product significantly reduces the ceiling space, allowing for increased indoor activity areas.

    The Al-Zn-Si hot-dip galvanized steel sheet boasts exceptional corrosion resistance, surpassing that of traditional galvanized plates by 3-6 times in terms of service life.

    Furthermore, its surface smoothness is more than twice that of galvanized plates, making it resistant to dust accumulation.

  • 190mm ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit air outlet air cooler detail enlarged view

    To prevent water condensation during cooling and ensure effective heat insulation during heating, we apply a 3mm thick rubber and plastic insulation layer inside the panel. Additionally, an EVA insulation layer is applied externally.

    The EVA material used for insulation offers exceptional water resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat insulation properties. It is also lightweight and serves as an effective shock absorber.


  • 190mm ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit internal structure details of wind wheel position

    The ABS blower wheel exhibits excellent anti-corrosion and anti-weathering properties, ensuring a long service life. Its airflow design is thoughtfully engineered for reduced noise levels.

    For the standard model, an AC motor is utilized, offering a remarkable lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours. As for the advanced version, it features a DC motor accompanied by a PCB and 0-10v control for enhanced functionality.

    The fan coil unit incorporates high-quality aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.105mm, paired with a fin spacing of 1.3mm. The copper tubes are made of pure copper, measuring 7mm in diameter and 0.28mm in thickness, with 30 tubes arranged in 3 rows.


Factory Advantages

Strong production capacity, 2000 units can be shipped within 3 days
Production Strong


<500 Units,  3 Days;

<2000 Units, 7 Days;

5000-10000 Dnits, 15 Days

Except For Customized Products

The ultra-thin fan coil unit model, cooling capacity and function can be customized according to customer needs


Customized Size

Customized Color

Customized Shape

Customized Function

I am a real fan coil manufacturer in China, there is no middle price difference, I can give you the ex-factory price, I just want to open the global market


By Sea

By Railway

By Land/By Air

By Express Delivery

Every fan coil unit will go through 235 quality inspections before leaving the factory. Please rest assured about the product quality. I will guarantee the quality for 5 years.
Strict Quality Control


253 Quality Inspections

328 Production Processes

52 Packaging Requirements

135 Supplier Selection Criteria


Stylish Atmosphere & Save Space

This small fan coil unit combines both stylish and functional.

Operating at only 15-35dB during a peaceful night, our fan coil unit emits a sound akin to a gentle murmur between a mother and baby or the delicate rustling of a leaf touching the ground.

Not only does it ensure disturbance-free sleep for your customers, but it also creates an ambiance reminiscent of tranquil, verdant surroundings. To deliver this serenity, we have dedicated ourselves to relentless innovation and enhancement, employing a team of over 20 technical experts to provide comprehensive support and continuous product improvement.

offers a sophisticated appearance, complementing modern home decoration styles. It provides five adjustable levels of wind speed, allowing for a personalized and comfortable indoor environment.

This fan coil unit is well-suited to meet market demands. It not only enhances the aesthetics of high-end home decoration but also ensures optimal functionality and performance.

The size of the air outlet of the ultra-thin fan coil unit is displayed. The larger the size of the air outlet, the larger the air outlet area, making it more comfortable for customers to use
When the ultra-thin fan coil unit is working, the noise is about 20 decibels, which is helpful for babies to sleep

Soundly Dreaming, Tranquility, Health

Operating at a mere 15-35dB during a serene night, our product emits a gentle hum reminiscent of a mother’s soothing whispers or the delicate sound of a leaf gently descending to the ground.

Not only does it ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for your customers, but it also immerses them in a serene oasis of green tranquility. To provide this unparalleled tranquility, we have devoted significant efforts to continuously updating and upgrading the product, backed by a team of over 20 dedicated technical experts.

Easy For Your Customers To Install

1.  Installation Method
01. Ceiling Mounted; 02. Floor Standing;  03. Wall Mounted
Three installation methods are suitable for more decoration styles. No need to spoil the interior decoration. They serve as a suitable alternative to traditional radiators, offering versatility to meet diverse installation requirements of your customers.
Meet the different installation requirements of your customers.


2. Way Of Connecting Water Pipe
01. Right/Left Side; 02. Back Side; 03. Bottom Side
With multiple options for connecting water pipes, installation becomes effortless and straightforward. Choose the method that suits your needs best and enjoy a hassle-free setup.

130mm ultra-thin fan coil unit water connection method and installation method
The ultra-thin fan coil unit is floor-mounted and installed indoors, the controller is used, and the guide map helps customers use it smoothly

Ease Of Use For Your Customers

The 130mm ultra-thin fan coil unit offers a variety of convenient control methods to enhance the user experience for your customers.

It can be controlled through various means such as touch screen, remote control, mobile phone remote control, and indoor centralized controller. This versatility ensures effortless operation and customization according to individual preferences.

Imagine the comfort your customers can enjoy during cold winters or hot summers. With the convenience of their mobile phones, they can pre-activate the fan coil unit before arriving home. As they open the door, they are greeted by a refreshing blast of cool air or a comforting warmth, instantly relieving the fatigue of the day.

By providing this remarkable product, you can truly enhance your customers’ satisfaction and leave a lasting positive impression.

Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Inlet And Outlet Pipe Installation Drawing

We offer comprehensive installation drawings for the inlet and outlet pipes of our ultra-thin fan coil units.

If you require specific instructions or guidance on how to install the inlet and outlet pipes, please feel free to reach out to us via email.

Our technical department will be more than happy to provide you with detailed installation drawings and any additional information you may need to ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

Ultra-thin fan coil wall-mounted installation drawing
Ultra-thin fan coil unit Ceiling Mounted installation drawing

Drawing Of Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Installation And Fixing Method

Ultra-thin fan coil units offer three installation options: wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and floor-mounted. These diverse installation methods provide the flexibility to choose the most suitable option based on your customers’ specific requirements.

Each installation form has unique approaches and requirements for connecting water pipes. For detailed information on the specific methods and guidelines for connecting water pipes in each installation form, please feel free to contact me via email. I will respond promptly, providing the necessary information within 8 hours.

Why Choose Us

Fan coil mold processing and manufacturing-yesncer-fan coil

Established in 1986, YESNCER has dedicated over 30 years to continuous development and growth. Today, we proudly operate hundreds of production lines and employ a dedicated team of over 300 front-line staff and technical R&D personnel.

We specialize in providing comprehensive OEM&ODM services, offering customers a complete range of HAVC system solutions, including system matching, layout piping, budget design, and CAD drawing design.

As the pivotal component of the HAVC system, our fan coil units undergo constant iterative upgrades for each model, ensuring that every unit you purchase is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality products.

Our partnerships with fan coil raw material suppliers span over 15 years, showcasing the trust and stability in our collaborations. With 253 quality inspection links, 328 production processes, 52 packaging requirements, and 135 supplier selection criteria, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.

R & D team designed ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit

We offer comprehensive OEM&ODM services tailored to your specific requirements.
Customize the appearance, cooling,heating capacity, colors, features, and more.

Our dedicated technical department is responsible for project matching and R&D design, ensuring that your unique needs are met with precision and expertise.

Matching ability for large projects
Ability To Undertake Large Projects

With rich production experience, serving more than a thousand global large-scale engineering projects, production capacity can meet the needs of large-scale construction projects.

If you’re unsure about how to match the fan coil system, simply provide us with the architectural drawings, and our team will assist you in finding the optimal solution to address your needs.

Project Cases

Australian customers customize ultra-thin fan coil units, finished product testing is completed and waiting for packaging
Customized Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Unit


The production site of ultra-thin fan coil units is customized specifically for our Italian distributors.

We have the capability to provide our customers with a monthly supply of 2000 units, which have gained immense popularity in the local market.

We are proud to say that we have enjoyed a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership for the past 3 years.


Installation site of horizontal ultra-thin concealed fan coil unit in large building
A Large Shopping Mall Project In South Korea

The installation site of surface-mounted fan coil units in a large shopping mall in South Korea

A Korean builder customer purchased 2,000 surface-mounted fan coil units and installed them on-site.
This project is a large-scale shopping mall in an urban area with a large flow of people. In order to ensure indoor cooling and heat, it is also aesthetically pleasing. So choose a large-scale surface-mounted fan coil unit.

Ultra-thin Cassette Fan Coil Large Shopping Mall Installation Site
20-Storey Commercial Building Project In Germany

The follow-up time of this project is very long. Customers contact us before building commercial buildings.
Ask us to help him design HAVC drawings. The technical department and sales department discussed the project with customers online more than a dozen times. Finalize the plan.
The water cooling unit and the cassette fan coil unit are all purchased from my factory.

Ultra-thin concealed fan coil unit piping layout and installation site
A School In Canada Purchased 3,000 Units

Buildings include classrooms, dormitories, activity rooms, and a library.
Every room is different in size and has different cooling and heating needs.
In addition, the library also needs to match the air handling unit.
This project is designed by our company’s technical director with 30 years of experience in design matching.
The total project follow-up period is 1 year. The production cycle is 2 months.

Installation of horizontal concealed fan coil unit in 2000 square meters crop greenhouse
China'S 10,000 Mu Breeding Greenhouse Project

There are many factors that need to be considered when designing and matching drawings for greenhouse farming projects.
The growth temperature that plants need, local temperature and humidity, temperature difference at night, extreme weather, greenhouse area and so on.
The species of plants grown in each greenhouse are different, so it is necessary to individually design and match the number of fan coils and the model of the air source heat pump for each greenhouse.

Custom ultra-thin fan coil factory processing Banner-
  • We have had the pleasure of a fruitful collaboration for 3 years. Without fail, every month, I receive the customized thin fan coil units from YESNCER right on schedule.

    I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to YESNCER for their unwavering dedication and sincere cooperation throughout our business relationship. Your commitment to excellence has been instrumental in our mutual success. Thank you!

  • YESNCER is an exceptionally responsible manufacturer that takes customer satisfaction seriously. When I purchased fan coil units from them, the shipment was arranged as part of a Less than Container Load (LCL) with other goods destined for my country. Unfortunately, unforeseen incidents resulted in a delay of 2 months and hindered the completion of the customs clearance process.

    In this challenging situation, YESNCER demonstrated their proactive approach and extended their assistance to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently.

  • I have been in a business partnership with YESNCER for over 2 years. On one occasion, while transporting a container, several machines sustained severe damage. However, I was impressed by YESNCER’s exceptional customer service and their commitment to resolving the issue.

    Not only did YESNCER promptly refund the purchase price for the damaged units, but they also went above and beyond by providing me with 3 upgraded fan coil units free of charge. This level of responsible attitude and dedication to problem-solving has left me deeply grateful to YESNCER.


Related Product

Concerns Of Most Customers

Addressing Customer Concerns with YESNCER’s Experience

With 5 years of exporting HAVC products under our belt, YESNCER has gained extensive knowledge about our customers’ concerns. Throughout this period, we have diligently gathered valuable insights from our clients.

To ensure your satisfaction, we have carefully documented and analyzed the most common concerns voiced by our customers. However, if you find that these insights have not adequately addressed your core problem, we encourage you to reach out to us via email. Our team is committed to providing personalized assistance to address your specific needs.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for your products?

MOQ 1 set.

As a Chinese fan coil manufacturer, my primary focus is to establish fruitful partnerships with engineering companies, builders, distributors, and local agents. However, I also welcome inquiries from small and medium-sized enterprises as well as home users.

Regardless of your company’s size or individual requirements, I am committed to providing the best possible assistance to all customers in need of fan coil products. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

What is the production capacity of your factory?

<500 Units,  3 Days;   <2000 Units, 7 Days;   5000-10000 Dnits, 15 Days

Note: Except for customized products

What products do you offer that are suitable for sale?

All products of the HAVC system.

Fan Coil Unit, Air Curtain Unit, Roof Unit, Heat Recovery Ventilator, Air-Cooled Chiller, Water Chiller, Air Source Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pump, Heat Pump, Air Handling Unit.

What is the pricing structure for your products?

Factory Price

Can you provide customization options for your products?

All products provide customized services.
Customized cooling capacity, customized air volume, customized function, customized shape, customized appearance color, etc.

How long does it take for the production and delivery of my order?

Standard fan coil units within 10,000 units will be shipped within 20 days.
Customized fan coil products for about a month.

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