Installation site of breeding type heat pump used in breeding chicken house

Recently, with the arrival of the winter of 2023, cold air has arrived. In the next three days, the cumulative temperature drop in many places will exceed 10°C, and the lowest temperatures will successively set new lows in the second half of the year.

In this kind of weather where the temperature drops suddenly, not only people must pay attention to keeping warm and cold, but also all kinds of poultry and livestock raised on farms must pay attention to keeping warm. Otherwise, they will not grow meat and be sold slowly; in the worst cases, they will suffer from frostbite and freeze to death. So, what is the best way to heat a farm?

In the past, livestock farms were generally heated with coal-fired boilers. Although this heating method is low in cost, it has problems such as high pollution, poor heating effect, and low safety.
Therefore, in recent years, more and more farmers have begun to use other methods to heat their farms. For example, a farm in Heze, Shandong Province used a Zhongke Energy air source heat pump to heat a 31,000-square-meter chicken house.

According to the staff of the chicken house where chickens are raised and brooded, in the breeding industry, chickens have very high requirements for temperature, fresh air, and epidemic virus prevention. The heating equipment must not only be able to provide heating but also must have high comfort and precise temperature control. It is also necessary to ensure that indoor humidity, ventilation, and other conditions are suitable, and air source heat pumps can solve this problem well.

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According to the introduction of the construction staff, the following are five reasons for choosing air-source heat pumps for chicken brooding!

1. Clean, environmentally friendly, and safe.
Air source heat pumps use free heat in the air as heating energy. There are no open flames when working, and there are no safety hazards such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc.; they will not emit waste gas, waste residue, dust, and other pollutants, which will cause harm to the atmospheric environment and the chicken house environment. pollute.

2. High comfort
The air source heat pump can transport heat through the floor heating pipes and transfer the heat to the ground. The heat is more balanced. The chickens are more comfortable when heated, and less willing to move and grow meat faster.

3. High degree of intelligence
The air source heat pump has a built-in intelligent control system that does not require manual monitoring when working. As long as the temperature is set when it is turned on for the first time, the heat pump will automatically adjust the temperature to ensure a constant temperature in the chicken house in all seasons and reduce the morbidity and mortality of chickens.

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Low Temperature Variable Frequency Air Energy Heat Pump Noise Test Laboratory
 Air Energy Heat Pump Noise Test Laboratory

4. Stable operation and high energy-saving
YESNCER air source heat pump applies the world’s leading innovations in low-temperature jet enthalpy increasing technology, A1 intelligent defrosting technology, and group control automatic management technology to break through the technical barriers to ultra-low temperature operation of the unit. It can still operate in an ultra-low temperature environment of -35°C. It operates stably, and the energy efficiency ratio can reach the national first-class level. It saves 30% more energy than ordinary air energy heat pumps. It is a high-quality product for people in the air energy industry.

5. Thoughtful after-sales service
YEANCER has engaged in specialized air energy installation after-sales training and has an installation and after-sales team with rich field engineering experience. Not only can it come to the user’s door to solve the problem immediately after there is a problem with the air source heat pump equipment, but it will also hold inspection activities from time to time. , conduct “physical examinations” of air source heat pump equipment in key projects, solve hidden dangers in advance, ensure the normal operation of the heat pump, and allow farmers to survive the winter smoothly.