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YESNCER is a leading manufacturer of ultra-thin fan coil units in China. More than 30 years of experience in production and R&D. Provide high-quality fan coil units.

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Horizontal Fan Coil Unit Factory

Horizontal fan coil units are concealed fan coil units.

The concealed fan coil unit is installed inside the ceiling. After the decoration is completed, only the air outlet can be seen, and the fuselage will not be seen.

My horizontal concealed fan coil is divided into conventional horizontal fan coil and ultra-thin fan coil.

Conventional horizontal fan coil body thickness: 245mm.

Ultra-thin fan coil body thickness: 190mm.

Ultra-thin fan coil unit saves ceiling space and is suitable for buildings with low indoor height.

Provide OEM&ODM service.

Horizontal Fan Coil Unit

With strong production capacity and research and development capabilities, we have become the leader of fan coil units in China.

The side details of the 190mm ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit are convenient for customers to see its thickness intuitively from the picture
Standard Ultra-Thin Horizontal Fan Coil Unit

Model: FP-51,FP-68,FP-85,FP-102,FP-136,FP-170
Motor power(W): (FP-51/FP-68)-12,(FP-85/FP-102)-25,(FP-136)-25+25,
Power Consumption:48,55,72,90,129,148
Number of motors: (FP-51/FP-68/FP-85/FP-102)-1,(FP-136/FP-170)-2
Number of blower wheels: (FP-51)-1,(FP-68/FP-85/FP-102)-2,,(FP-136)-3,(FP-170)-4
Heat(kw): 4.4,5.7,7.1,8.4,11.1,13.5
Cooling capacity(kw): 2.95,3.8,4.8,5.6,7.4,9.0
Hot water temperature: 60°
For cold water temperature: 7°
Weight (kg): 13.5,15.1,16.4,18.8,25.4,26.7
Evaporator coil length(mm): 500,650,760,900,1330,1330
Evaporator coil width(mm): 210
Evaporator coil thickness(mm): 39

Standard ultra-thin fan coil unit:
1. AC Motor;
2. Upgraded Terminal Block
3. Optional External Lift Pump

Ultra-thin horizontal fan coil unit with drag pan
High-End Ultra-Thin Fan Coil Unit

Model: FP-51,FP-68,FP-85,FP-102,FP-136,FP-170
Motor power(W):
Power Consumption:30,35,40,53,75,86
Number of motors: (FP-51/FP-68/FP-85/FP-102)-1,(FP-136/FP-170)-2
Number of blower wheels:
Heat(kw): 4.4,5.7,7.1,8.4,11.1,13.5
Cooling capacity(kw): 2.95,3.8,4.8,5.6,7.4,9.0
Hot water temperature: 60°
For cold water temperature: 7°
Weight (kg): 13.5,15.1,16.4,18.8,25.4,26.7
Evaporator coil length(mm):
Evaporator coil width(mm): 210
Evaporator coil thickness(mm): 39

High-end ultra-thin fan coil unit
1. DC brushless motor, 0-10v adjustable voltage, the motor can realize step-less speed change.
2. The main board control system is upgraded to match the DC step-less variable speed motor control system to realize the step-less change of motor speed and blower wheel speed.
3. Too much-condensed water, alarm prompt function
4. Optional built-in lift pump

Advantages Of Ultra-Thin Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Unit Configuration

Configuration comparison of two ultra-thin fan coil units:
Same Configuration:
1. The thickness of the fan coil body is 190mm.
2. The fuselage is made of a 0.8mm aluminum-zinc-silicon steel plate, and the anti-corrosion performance is improved by 3 times.
3. Return air mode of ultra-thin fan coil unit: down return air. Other types of concealed fan coil units are all rear return air.
4. High-density hydrophilic aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.105mm and a spacing of 1.3mm. It can transfer heat and cold to the room more quickly. Improve work efficiency, reduce heat/cold loss, and speed up indoor temperature adjustment.
5. The anti-corrosion water tray can realize rapid dry-wet separation and prevent condensed water from retaining and breeding bacteria.

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Details In The Production Process

Details determine the quality of a fan coil unit.

  • Exploded view of the internal structure of the horizontal concealed fan coil motor

    The horizontal fan coil unit produced by YESNCER not only has a longer service life but also has a better use effect, and the product has a 3-year warranty.

    The motor is pure copper wire.
    The fan coil unit is formed by forging and pressing of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel plate, which has higher strength and stronger corrosion resistance. During use, the body will not vibrate with the work, reducing the noise of use.

  • Horizontal-concealed-fan-coil-inlet-and-outlet-pipes-are-made-of-pure-copper
    The Inlet And Outlet Of Fan Coil Unit Are Made Of Pure Copper

    The water inlet and outlet of the horizontal fan coil unit are made of pure copper.
    In order to save costs, most fan coil manufacturers use ordinary steel for the water inlet and outlet, which is easy to rust, cracks are prone to appear during the installation process, and eventually, water leakage occurs, resulting in the scrapping of the whole machine.
    The horizontal fan coil unit produced by YESNCER, in these details, regardless of the cost, uses high-quality steel to ensure the customer’s use effect.

  • Ultra-thin-horizontal-concealed-fan-coil-wiring-is-convenient-for-your-customers-to-use
    Control Board Wiring

    There is a difference between the power connection of the horizontal fan coil unit and the surface-mounted fan coil unit.
    When producing horizontal concealed fan coil units, there is no need to install plugs. After the ceiling is completed, connect the power cord directly.
    Before the customer places an order, we will confirm the local power supply voltage and other detailed information with the customer. According to the customer’s local power supply situation, during the production process, the control line of the fan coil unit is reserved. It is convenient for customers to install.

  • New development and upgrade of ultra-thin horizontal fan coil condensate tray
    Upgraded Design: Water Tray For Water Inlet And Outlet

    A small water tray is installed at the water inlet and outlet of the ultra-thin horizontal fan coil unit.
    Moisture-proof design lengthened and widened, eliminates the risk of condensed water falling at the connection of traditional fan coil units.
    The small water tray has a 5° drainage angle to avoid overflow of condensed water, and customers can use it with more peace of mind.

  • Horizontal fan coil unit assembly line, screwed on site--YESNCER
    Horizontal Fan Coil Unit Rivets Are Firmly Hinged

    YESNCER produces horizontal fan coil units, and the most important thing is: customer use effect and product quality.
    Even fan coil hinge screws are an important part of the factory quality inspection process.
    It must be ensured that each screw is firmly riveted on the fan coil unit body.
    We will not reduce the accessories in order to save costs.

  • The-production-line-of-horizontal-concealed-fan-coil-surface-cooler-is-completed,-waiting-for-quality-inspection
    Evaporator Coil Production Line

    The evaporator coil and motor are the core components of the fan coil unit.
    The production of evaporator coils has to go through an important link: the copper tubes go through strict mechanical expansion.
    The expansion tube process can ensure close contact between the aluminum fin hole wall and the copper tube without being affected by thermal expansion and contraction, thus stabilizing the efficient heat transfer of the evaporator coil .

  • The heat dissipation effect of the horizontal concealed fan coil fins is very good
    The Evaporator Coil Fins Are Made Of Hydrophilic Aluminum Foil

    Some horizontal fan coil manufacturers use ordinary aluminum foil for the fins of the evaporator coil .
    All the fins of the evaporator coil produced by YESNCER are made of hydrophilic aluminum foil.
    1. Sine wave plate shape, good heat transfer effect;
    2. The fin thickness is 0.105 mm;
    3. Encrypted fin gap 2mm;
    4. Fully automatic fin grinding tool with large opening window;

  • Anti-corrosion and anti-collision design of ultra-thin horizontal fan coil insulation layer
    V-Shaped Design Of Water Tray

    The water tray adopts a V-shaped design to discharge condensed water in a concentrated manner to prevent overflow.
    Paste a 3mm protective layer on the position in contact with the metal to prolong the service life and prevent the leakage of condensed water.
    To prevent sheet metal or evaporator coil s from scratching the coating, the inside of the water pan is hardened. It can also effectively prevent condensed water from penetrating into the insulation layer.

  • Actual measurement of sheet metal thickness of horizontal concealed fan coil unit
    Sheet Metal Thickness 10mm

    For the sheet metal of the horizontal fan coil unit, the factory uses an automatic cutting machine, computer control, and accurate cutting size according to the model of the machine customized by the customer.
    Hot-dip galvanized board, galvanized 80 grams per square meter, has a long service life and is not easy to corrode.
    The sheet metal thickness of the horizontal fan coil produced by YESNCER is 10mm. The material of the fan coil sheet metal determines the service life and noise of the machine.
    In order to ensure product quality, YESNCER has very strict control over raw materials.

  • Ordinary AC Water Pump VS DC Brushless Water Pump
    YESNCER fan coil manufacturer upgrades condensate lift pump

    AC water pumps generate low-frequency noise during operation, which affects the customer experience.

    The power of the motor is above 10W, and heat will be generated during operation, which will affect the service life and noise.
    The current and power of the DC brushless water pump are very small during operation, as low as 3.2W.

    Heat dissipation is also very small. The body of the water pump is fully sealed in plastic.

    Without affecting heat dissipation, it can also reduce low-frequency noise when the motor is working and prolong its service life.

  • Control Board Emergency Safety System
    Control Board Emergency Safety System

    The integrated circuit, simplified components, and increased functions.
    Suitable for various switch thermostats: 0-10V, three-speed LCD switch, three-speed switch
    The control board can realize: a step-less variable speed motor, temperature control switch, and speed adjustment, and achieve the functions of adjusting air volume, static pressure, and energy efficiency compensation.
    In an emergency state, the horizontal fan coil unit can be used normally.
    The alarm is turned off, the horizontal fan coil unit runs for 30 minutes, and the drainage pump works for 3 minutes; when the horizontal fan coil unit works for less than 30 minutes, the fan coil unit is turned off, and the water pump will be forced to work for 3 minutes before turning off.

  • Ultra-thin horizontal fan coil unit ultra-thin, lower return air and upgraded water tray collection
    Fan Coil Manufacturers Launch New Product

    1. Self-developed overall control system, including water level alarm.
    2. The lifting water pump is upgraded to a 10V voltage, DC brushless water pump.
    3. The external water tray is independently developed to increase the size of the water tray.
    4. Three anti-valve and dustproof covers are added to auxiliary materials.
    5. The air release valve is changed to a handle-type air release valve.
    6. The surface thermal insulation layer is upgraded to mold-cutting thermal insulation, and the material is changed to XPE material, which fits perfectly with the four sides of the machine
    7. A thermal insulation condensate pipe is newly added inside, and the return air mode is lower return air design.


YESNCER caters to engineers, builders, and distributors.

  • Horizontal fan coil unit export certificate, product quality inspection z
    Apply For Certificates For Your Projects And Customers

    ▪️  YESNCER is a manufacturer of fan coil units with certificates for exporting to many countries.
    ▪️  The quality of our products will surely exceed your expectations.
    ▪️  If your country’s import certificate, I have not yet applied.
    ▪️  Both fan coil production and shipping take time. In order to avoid delaying your project’s progress and your customers’ use, you can place an order first.
    ▪️  Our factory can guarantee that the certificate can be completed before the goods arrive at your port.
    ▪️  If the certificate is delayed, it will affect your normal delivery or project progress. I will bear all your losses.
    ▪️  Support factory inspection.
    1. Can inspect the factory online
    2. Find a factory inspection agency you trust to inspect the factory or inspect the goods on your behalf.
    ▪️  I am happy to bear the cost of the above factory inspection for you, so that we can promote our cooperation with more confidence.

  • Horizontal-fan-coil-production-workshop-and-equipment-YESNCER
    A True Fan Coil Manufacturer

    ▪️  In China, I have become a fan coil leader.
    ▪️  I have been engaged in fan coil production, research and development, and sales for 35 years.
    ▪️  The horizontal concealed fan coil unit is one of the earliest product types that our factory has started to produce since its establishment.
    ▪️  The level of production technology and research and development capabilities can meet the bulk purchase needs of any engineering project and dealer customers.
    ▪️  I have 5+ horizontal fan coil production lines and 50+ production equipment. You are welcome to come to China and visit my factory at any time.
    ▪️  From the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, there will be a strict quality inspection process.
    ▪️  The stock is sufficient and can be shipped in large quantities in a short period of time.

  • Estimated value of matching cooling capacity for common usage environments of horizontal fan coil units
    Obtain The Precise Matching Scheme Of Fan Coil Unit

    ▪️ Having been in the HAVC industry for many years, these data are reference values based on my years of industry experience. When your customer asks you how much cooling capacity the fan coil unit needs for his indoor environment, you can refer to this table to quickly help your customer match the fan coil unit.
    ▪️ This method cannot be used if the project or your customer requires exact matching of fan coil units.
    ▪️ It needs to be determined according to your project and the customer’s local ambient temperature, building insulation, building materials, expected temperature, number of people in the room, usage needs, and other factors.
    ▪️ If you need more professional and accurate data or supporting drawings, you can send me an email to tell me your needs and our professional team will help you.

  • We can provide you and your customers with various plugs of different standards, which are convenient for customers all over the world
    Can Meet Any Of Your Needs

    ▪️  European standard, American standard, Korean, international pipe three plugs, national standard triangular plug, national standard two plugs.
    ▪️  Remarks: Horizontal fan coil units generally do not need plugs. The control board of the horizontal fan coil unit will reserve a power cord, and the concealed fan coil unit will generally be installed on the ceiling, and the power supply in the ceiling can be directly connected to the power cord of the control board.
    ▪️  Floor-standing fan coil units, surface-mounted fan coil units, vertical cabinet fan coil units, and 130mm ultra-thin fan coil units will use power plugs.
    ▪️  In addition to the power plug, if your local customers have more needs for the use of fan coil units, please send me an email to tell me. As a fan coil unit manufacturer, I will be able to meet your customization needs.
    ▪️  Fan coil raw materials, accessories, and other stocks are sufficient.
    ▪️  It can meet the needs of customized fan coil units in large quantities in a short period of time.

Advantages Of Manufacturer



Customized Size

Customized Mold

Customized Color

Customized Functions Special Places

3 Years Warranty


Free Shipping Of New Machines
5 Years Warranty For Some Products
Compensation For Damaged Products
Technicians Can Go To The Scene For Repairs

Support factory inspection
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Support Online Inspection

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326 strict quality inspection processes
Strict Quality Control


Raw Material Purchasing Standards Are Strict

Product Quality Inspection Standards Are Strict

Standardized Management Production Process

Horizontal Fan Coil Production Workshop

The assembly site of the production workshop.
The annual production capacity of a single product is 20 million units.
Each fan coil unit needs to go through 236 strict quality inspection processes, and only after passing the inspection will it be shipped out of the factory.

YESNCER horizontal concealed fan coil unit assembly workshop

Sheet Metal Processing Equipment Workshop

YESNCER has 5 horizontal fan coil production lines.
There are a total of 50+ mechanical equipment such as sheet metal processing equipment and laser cutting equipment, including 20+ imported mechanical equipment.
<2000pcs can be shipped within 3 days.

Strong R&D Capabilities

OEM&ODM is the advantage of YESNCER.
YESNCER has been engaged in the HAVC industry for 35+ years.
Give you a competitive horizontal fan coil unit. Its cost-effective products and performance will surely surprise your customers.

Customized fan coil mold welding operation site

Packaging Line

The packaging must be moisture-proof and drop-proof, regardless of cost.
Must be ensured: The goods are transported to the country where the customer is located, and that the appearance and performance are consistent with the factory.
If the goods are damaged or the progress of your project is delayed, I and the logistics company will bear all your losses.

Fan Coil Evaporator Coil Production Equipment Workshop

Experience in producing horizontal concealed fan coil units for 35 years.
The horizontal fan coil evaporator coil is one of the core components of the whole machine.
The production technology level of the evaporator coil determines the performance and service life of the fan coil unit.
YESNCER has many years of experience in fan coil production. The production of core components is our strength.

Get More Professional Service

Example of FP-68 horizontal fan coil unit, noise test
Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil & Air Cloth
Horizontal concealed fan coil unit & return air box & air cloth
Horizontal concealed fan coil unit & air cloth

YESNCER serves builders, contractors, and distributors worldwide.
Provide professional fan coil unit and host supporting scheme.
Meet your local customers’ usage habits and your engineering construction needs.
Provide free CAD drawings of fan coil piping layout, and provide free fan coil system installation and construction planning drawings.

Implementation plan of pipe insulation for horizontal concealed fan coil unit installation

Construction Plan Of Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Pipe Insulation

Installation diagram of horizontal fan coil unit

Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Ceiling Installation And Construction Plan


Match The Layout Of Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Units For Customers, And Technicians Make Cad Drawings

YESNCER Has A Complete Fan Coil Laboratory. It Can Test The Functional Data Of Horizontal Concealed Fan Coil Units

Project Case

A 5-star hotel project in Croatia uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit
A 5-star hotel project in Croatia uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit

Customers will contact us in May 2022.
The test data of the sample sent by the original supplier to the customer does not meet the requirements for use.
YESNCER airlifted ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil units and cassette fan coil units to the local area.
A week later, the customer customized two full cabinets of goods, and some cassette fan coils were used in restaurants, halls, and corridors. The remaining horizontal concealed fan coil units are concealed and used in separate rooms.

A large shopping mall project in Denmark uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit
A large shopping mall project in Denmark uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit

For shopping mall projects, we will recommend customers use cassette fan coil units.
According to the design drawings, the customer wants to use delicate air outlets. It is the best choice to use horizontal concealed fan coil units.
During the construction process, the inlet pipe, return pipe, and air duct layout are completed.
Our technical department has matched the design, CAD drawings of the piping layout, and machine installation location for customers.
The HAVC project of the building is completed in full accordance with the design drawings provided by us.
The host adopts a water-cooled screw unit.

A hospital project in Australia uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit
Indonesian commercial and residential construction projects

Commercial and residential buildings must meet the needs of both commercial and residential environments.
Commercial use: There are many people in the room, and there is a greater demand for ambient temperature, which requires greater air volume and cooling capacity.
Residential: There are few indoor active people, and the basic cooling capacity needs of the residents need to be met.
The project installs 2,000 horizontal concealed fan coil units.
Depending on the size of the room, the matching fan coil unit model is different.
The main engine adopts an air-cooled screw unit.

The Dutch tourist attraction hotel project uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit
The Dutch tourist attraction hotel project uses our company's horizontal concealed fan coil unit

Tourism city hotel project.
Due to the limited height of the floor building, in order to save the height of the indoor ceiling, we recommend ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil units to customers.
The body thickness of the ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit is 190mm, and the body thickness of the standard horizontal concealed fan coil unit is 245mm. Save 55mm of ceiling height.
The air outlet adopts the latest design style: black and white tones.
Most of the rooms in the hotel are of the same size and layout. Therefore, the process of matching the fan coil unit model to the customer is very easy.
In addition, the same type of horizontal concealed fan coil unit is used in the room, which can also avoid machine installation errors.

  • As a HAVC engineer, I have contacted fan coil manufacturers in many countries.
    YESNCER makes me feel very professional. Every time there is a project analysis, a professional team will connect with me. This is a very professional manufacturer.

  • I am a distributor in the Netherlands working in the HAVC industry.
    The first time I cooperated with YESNCER was in 2019. Now my warehouse has all YESNCER fan coil models. Sales have been good.
    I have formed a very deep friendship with YESNCER.

  • I am from Australia.
    I have been looking for a manufacturer of customized fan coil units that can satisfy me.
    Until I got to know YESNCER, I finally didn’t have to look for a partner anymore.
    The floor-standing fan coil units we co-produced are selling well in my locality.


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Concerns Of Most Customers

What is your process for handling product defects or quality issues?

1. All my product series: fan coil unit, Air Curtains For Doors, Air Handling Unit, Water Chiller, Heat Pump, from purchasing raw materials-production-delivery, the whole process will go through more than 236 quality inspection processes.
2. If there are indeed product defects or quality problems in the products you receive, then we can give you a full refund.
3. We will give you the same model product for free;
4. If it affects your project progress and uses effect. We will properly compensate you for the adverse effects caused.
5. Please believe me, as a fan coil manufacturer, I will be responsible for each of my machines and my customers.

Can you provide any product design or engineering services?

1. We provide OEM&ODM services;
2. If your engineering project requires, I can send you product design drawings and related parameter drawings to facilitate your project progress;
3. For large-scale engineering projects, we can help you match the fan coil pipes and fan coil models for free.
4. If you encounter technical problems during the progress of the project, we can provide online guidance or assign engineers to your country for technical support.

Are your products compliant with US safety and quality standards?

1. We have export certificates from 26 countries;
2. If the certificate you need is not handled by us, it doesn’t matter. I can apply for the certificate you need before the product is shipped.
3. Who will pay for the certificate fee is determined according to the order amount.
4. If the certificate is not successfully processed before the product is shipped, resulting in a delay in delivery and delaying your project progress, then I can bear all compensation costs.
5. The above terms, after verification by the sales staff, can be clearly written in the transaction contract. We will be responsible for our customers. We have enough confidence in our products.

Can you provide custom packaging or labeling for my order?

1. Yes;
2. OEM&ODM is our strength;
3. The packaging and label must be your own brand. Involved in infringement, sorry, YESNCER will not meet your needs.

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