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Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

YESNCER is a leading floor-mounted fan coil unit manufacturer in China.

  • OEM&ODM: 35 Years of OEM&ODM Experience
  • Strong Production Capacity: 2000 Units Per Day
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China Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

Since 1986, YESNCER has been a leading manufacturer of floor-standing fan coil units in China.

Customizable floor-mounted fan coil units allow you to customize the look, size, cooling capacity, and color. Your clients and your building can enhance interior aesthetics while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

For project builders, we offer OEM&ODM products designed to match your architectural style.

For dealers, floor mounted fan coil units can be customized to meet the preferences of local residents, helping you increase sales and enhance product competitiveness.

Since 1986, YESNCER has become a custom factory for HVAC equipment in China. We strictly follow the company’s seven major systems as the basic principles for the company’s survival and development:

1. Supply System
2. Key Parameter Production Process Control System
3. Storage System
4. Packaging System
5. Qc System
6. Pre-Shipment Inspection System
7. After-Sales System

We have 158 professional HVAC engineers who can match central air-conditioning equipment or BIM dynamic diagram assembly operation preview for free according to CAD drawings.

As a manufacturer of floor-mounted fan coil units, we offer competitive pricing to support your business growth with affordable prices and first-class product performance. This helps develop clients who trust you and engage with you for the long term.

Various Styles of Floor Mounted Fan Coil Units

floor mounted fan coil unit
180mm Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit
floor mounted fan coil unit
130mm Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit
floor mounted fan coil unit
235mm Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit
3 Products Found.

YESNCER Consistently Refines and Enhances Product Quality

For 35 years, YESNCER has been a stalwart in the HVAC industry.

The diverse environments necessitate distinct installation approaches for floor fan coil units. These units offer various installation methods (wall-mounted, vertical, horizontal).

Floor-standing fan coil units find suitability in spaces where interior decoration is complete, enabling decoration without disrupting the original setup.

Hence, both aesthetics and practicality hold equal importance in the selection process.

Each fan coil unit’s design and production consider factors like product aesthetics, optimal cooling and heating capacity, and adherence to acceptable noise levels in daily life.

Ultimately, product quality and durability remain pivotal factors in decision-making.

  • Horizontal concealed fan coil unit packing link

    The appearance of the machine, packaging
    1.   Appearance, visual inspection, check the surface cleanliness of the unit, there should be no obvious scratches, rust spots, and indentations. There is no burr or drape on the edge of the panel. The spraying color of the drain pan is consistent, without flow marks, bubbles, and peeling.
    2.   Mark, check whether the model label is consistent with the unit, the labels of each part are obvious, and the electrical wiring diagram is in accordance with the requirements of the unit.
    3.   The packaging and the box are intact, with no cracks, or graffiti, and the font is clear. The model label is correct. There should be certificates, instructions, and other documents in the carton.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit sheet metal processing
    Key Parameter Production Process Control System

    YESNCER employs a comprehensive key parameter production process control system to ensure precise specifications at every assembly stage, including screw assembly standards:

    The screw assembly’s strength should remain within defined limits, preventing both overtightening and under-tightening.
    Nuts must be positioned below the sheet metal plane.
    Prior to assembly, take care to prevent screws from making contact with sheet metal to avoid surface damage.

  • fan coil unit assembly line-yesncer
    QC Inspectors

    QC Inspector’s Duties:

    1. Material Inspection by Assembler
    2. QC Inspector’s Verification of Assembly Process
    3. QC Inspector’s Factory Inspection
    4. Sampling Inspection by QC Inspectors
  • floor mounted fan coil unit design
    Supply System

    The floor fan coil’s plastic components are constructed from PP material to amplify product benefits.

    These plastic parts are meticulously fashioned for remarkable impact resilience. Crafted from environmentally friendly PP material, it boasts a healthful and eco-conscious composition—non-toxic, odorless, and resistant to deformation and discoloration.

    This material endows the floor fan coil unit with traits like heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability against aging, extending its versatility and lifespan.

  • Australian customer fan coil unit delivery
    Pre-shipment Inspection

    Randomly check any floor fan coil unit to be inspected, and invite customers to inspect together through video. Customers can specify a carton and unpack it for inspection on-site.

    A variety of transportation options are available to make it easy for you to choose.
    By Sea
    By Railway
    By Land/By Air
    By Express Delivery

  • Production process of fan coil surface cooler through copper tube
    Key Parameter Production Process Control System

    The YESNCER production process control system for key parameters enforces rigorous standards across 238 aspects throughout the entire floor fan coil unit manufacturing process. Each production and processing stage adheres strictly to this system.

    Every stage is systematically managed, and operator accountability is traceable. A 100% pass rate in QC inspection is rewarded, while a pass rate below 80% is managed in accordance with regulations.

  • Fan coil sheet metal processing, sheet metal shaping
    Continuously Introducing Processing Equipment And Elevating Processing Capabilities

    Utilizing advanced processing equipment is pivotal for enhancing the quality of floor fan coil units and boosting work efficiency.

    YESNCER has incorporated over 100 pieces of equipment, encompassing digital automatic cutting machines, sheet metal forging machines, automatic welding machines, surface cooler leak detection equipment, motor voltage testing machines, enthalpy difference laboratories, noise testing laboratories, host testing equipment, and more.

  • Bare-fan-coil-production-and-processing-site
    Warehouseing System

    YESNCER has a large-scale production capacity of floor fan coil units and provides professional OEM&ODM services.

    For quantities <500 units, completion within 3 days.
    For quantities <2000 units, completion within 7 days.
    For quantities between 5000 and 10000 units, completion is within 15 days.
    (Note: Customized products may have different lead times.)

  • Raw Material Supplier Selection Process

    YESNCER maintains stringent supplier selection standards.

    From a pool of 200 suppliers, we shortlist 50 as candidates. Annually in March, our raw material supply team conducts factory and production workshop inspections at the supplier’s premises, ultimately selecting 3 candidates.

    At the YESNCER raw material storage warehouse, materials are stored Mixing raw materials from different batches of the same manufacturer is strictly prohibited.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit can be customized
    Robust OEM&ODM Capabilities

    Shape elegant and calm designs inspired by Chinese musical instruments Chinese zither.

    The floor fan coil unit is only about 18cm thick.

    Chinese Zither as the theme and blends the calm and elegant shape of the Chinese Zither and the pure and quiet tone, which represents people’s longing for a better life.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit manufacturers
    Supply System

    Raw material selection standards are extremely stringent.

    The sheet metal is created from non-patterned, oil-free, hot-dip galvanized sheets that undergo one-time compression molding, and the exterior is coated with high-gloss spray.

    This results in a sleek, polished surface with exceptional strength and corrosion resistance.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit sturdy packaging
    Packaging System

    We will tailor various packaging methods based on the shipping approach:   Our packaging ensures optimal protection for your products.
    1.  Sturdy carton packaging with exceptional compression and impact resistance.
    2.  In sea shipments, both the floor fan coil units and carton will be securely wrapped in three layers of moisture-resistant film, ensuring puncture and moisture resistance.
    3.  Sample lists are enclosed in wooden boxes to maintain the integrity of the floor fan coil unit samples you receive.

Floor Fan Coil Quality Is Determined By The Details

A superior product arises from meticulous attention to every detail.

YESNCER ensures each step, from selecting raw materials and assembling floor fan coils to packaging, delivery, and after-sales service, is marked by an unwavering focus on perfection.

Over 35 years, YESNCER has upheld a commitment to excellence, delivering not just products but also an impeccable service journey for customers.

  • Exposed-fan-coil-unit-quality-inspection-completed-and-waiting-for-boxing
    OEM&ODM Mass Production Capacity

    Customized floor fan coil The color, shape, performance parameters, and functions of the floor fan coil can be customized according to your actual needs.
    According to your use and installation environment, match accessories to facilitate installation by the construction team.
    Before mass production, YESNCER will give you a customized sample sheet for testing data.
    The two parties reached an agreement, signed an OEM&ODM entrusted production contract, and YESNCER was put into mass production.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit surface cooler copper tube
    Cooper Tube Advantage

    1.   The copper pipe adopts Penglai Jinxin standard with a thickness of 0.35mm red copper pipe, 9.52mm diameter, 0.26mm thickness, and 7mm diameter copper pipe is optional.

    2.  The inner surface of the copper pipe features internal threads.
    Purpose of internal threads: enhance the contact area between the copper pipe and circulating water, thereby boosting the heat exchange efficiency of the circulating water and improving the operational effectiveness of the floor fan coil.


  • Floor mounted fan coil unit sheet metal rear 10mm
    Hot-Dip Galvanized Sheet Many Advantages

    1.   1.0mm oil-free and flower-free environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanized sheet, with galvanized 80g/m2 and long service life, not easy to corrode
    2.   The surface of the 0.8mm hot-dip galvanized sheet is high-gloss sprayed and clean and smooth, and the color is bright.
    3.   Aluminum-zinc-silicon plated, 0.8mm thickness, smoother and more waterproof surface, very good corrosion resistance, longer life
    4.   Stainless steel sheet metal, super anti-corrosion performance, suitable for some special occasions, such as chemical plants.

  • Horizontal-fan-coil-production-workshop-and-equipment-YESNCER
    YESNCER Holds Export Certificates From Multiple Countries

    We have passed the CRAA and CCC certificate issued by the country’s highest authoritative testing organization.

    Also passed the quality management system certification ISO9001, environmental management certification system ISO14001, and occupational health and safety management system certification ISO45001.

    Our products are also in line with EU production standards, have obtained CE certificates, and have passed the test certificate of the German authoritative testing organization TUV.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit surface cooler copper tube
    Quality Guidelines for Surface Coolers in Floor Fan Coil

    To maintain stable copper tube wall thickness, YESNCER employs a mechanical tube expansion process. This method preserves the copper tube’s wall thickness, ensuring prolonged floor fan coil life during factory inspections.

    Scrutinize surface cooler appearance to ensure consistent fin shape, preserving the orderly arrangement for subsequent installations. The enlarged window opening significantly enhances heat dissipation efficiency.

    Precisely install elbows and water collectors as per drawing specifications, preventing disruption to water flow and minimizing cooling effectiveness reduction.

    Conduct rigorous tests following technical specifications to confirm the pressure resistance and airtightness of the machine.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit cooling evaporator fin
    Production Process Control System Condenser Requirements

    The production process control system mandates the use of Jiangsu Wanyuan hydraulic aluminum foil, 0.105mm thick, for the cooling evaporator fin due to its superior heat dissipation. Here are the quality checks:

    Inspect raw material for damage and color differences before use.
    Check for surface rust spots.
    Measure fin dimensions (length, width, height) for compliance.
    Ensure smooth, burr-free cut edges.
    During mass production, inspect incisions, surface cleanliness, and size specifications of each fin batch.
    Maintain consistent fin shape without disrupting subsequent arrangements.
    A larger flower window enhances heat dissipation efficiency.

  • Floor mounted fan coil unit exterior details
    Customizable OEM Floor Fan Coils: Customize to Your Exact Requirements

    YESNCER boasts extensive OEM & ODM experience.
    The floor fan coil features a safety-enhancing arc-shaped edge, safeguarding against collisions for children and the elderly.
    With a built-in air outlet, the overall appearance is sleek and visually pleasing.
    Air is directed at a 45° angle from the outlet for optimal distribution.
    The ABS air outlet is corrosion-resistant, prevents condensation, and withstands high temperatures.
    In contrast, the traditional iron machine base may corrode and rust due to water stains from prolonged floor cleaning.

  • floor mounted fan coil unit can be customized--yesncer
    Upgraded Floor Fan Coil Unit Elevates The User Experience

    Thermostat: Smart microcomputer temperature control, a dual cold and hot system with power-off memory. Customizable specific switches (wireless control).

    Choose the sleek black touch screen for temperature control, featuring WiFi for mobile and remote operation.

    Experience ultra-low noise with the upgraded DC brushless motor.

  • DC brushless motor
    Floor Fan Coil Unit DC Brushless Motor

    The impeller, driven by a DC brushless motor, draws in indoor air forcefully.

    After filtration, the air is directed to the surface cooling section for heating or cooling, ensuring a consistent indoor temperature.

    The brushless DC motor is backed by a 15-year warranty.

  • YESNCER-exposed-fan-coil-unit-noise-laboratory-test
    Floor Fan Coil Noise Lab Test

    Before being mass-produced, floor-standing fan coil units undergo a series of rigorous factory tests to ensure that all indicators meet industry standards.

    YESNCER has comprehensive Testing equipment, including:
    1. Raw Material Inspection Equipment
    2. Enthalpy Difference Laboratory
    3. Air Flow Test Bench
    4. Noise Test
    5. Electrical Tester

Factory Advantages

The real Chinese fan coil manufacturer
Strong Production Capacity


Production Line >200

Production Operators > 300

Technical R&D Personnel > 100

Different Type Laboratories > 10


A reliable long-term cooperative supplier of fan coil units
Reputable Manufacturer


35 Years In Business

Exporting Country > 28

Serving Customers > 6189

Cooperation customers >3 yrs


Can give you the ex-factory price, and get a more affordable fan coil ex-factory price
Give You The Best Competitive Price


No Middleman Markup

Your Sales Price Is Advantageous

Manufacturer’S Ex-Factory Price

Mass Customization Enjoy Discount



The design and development department will design fan coil products that are more suitable for your local sales according to your needs
You Can Reach Me Anytime


Product Lifetime Warranty

Product 3yrs Free Replacement

Watch Production Process Online

Go To Your Country On-Site Instruction


Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer Strengths

Our strengths include:

1.   Equipped with a complete production line and advanced imported equipment, we excel in undertaking large orders for production and design.

2.   Our design and development team of 158 professionals delivers personalized and expert services to customers.

3.   We ensure effective cost control by offering a variety of options in materials and processing technologies, help you reduce product costs and enhance competitiveness in the market.

4.   We adeptly meet the personalized needs of engineering projects and the unique preferences of your customers.


Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit Product Processing Inspection System

1. Panel
a. Laser and mold processing
b. Sheet metal
c. bending

2. Condenser
a. Copper tube bending
b. Fin Process
c. Pipe-through process
d. Tube expansion process
e. Welding process
f. Leak detection process

3. Finished product assembly
a. inspection of materials by assembler
b. Inspection of assemble process by QC inspectors

4. Finished Product testing
a. Factory inspection by QC inspectors
b. Sampling inspection by QC inspectors

Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer Pre-shipment Inspection

Randomly inspect any floor-standing fan coil units to be inspected, you can invite customers to inspect together through video, and the customer can designate a certain carton and unpack it for inspection on site
Inspection item:
A.  Check the goods to be loaded, and check whether the name, pieces, packaging, logo, labels, and the state of the goods meet the requirements according to the scheduling sheet. The container also needs to check the carton body, number, and seal number.

B.  During the appearance inspection of the finished product, there should be no obvious scratches, rust spots, and indentations on the outer surface of the unit, and the surface should be smooth.

C.  Check whether the nameplates, warning signs, and logo are correct.

D.  Packaging inspection, the carton body should be intact, whether the internal and external packaging meets the requirements.

E.  Or other inspection items required by the customer.

Floor-standing fan coil unit packaging

Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit Inspection Type-random Inspection

Inspection type-random inspection:

1.  ≤500 units, 2 units are sampled, and 1 unit is unqualified and judged as unqualified.

2.   500-2000 units, 3 units are sampled, 1 unit is unqualified and judged as unqualified.

3.   > 2000 units, 5 units will be sampled. If 2 units are unqualified, it will be judged as unqualified.

Floor Standing Fan Coil Unit After-sales System

Cargo Damage Compensation Conditions:

1.   The annual purchase amount is more than $200,000 US, and the compensation is exempted for under $2,000.

2.   If 100,000 to $200,000, and the compensation for taking photos and obtaining evidence below $2,000

3、The annual purchase amount is less than $50,000, and the compensation for taking photos and collecting evidence under $1,000

4.   If have any questions about any part, pls contact us freely. We are sincerely looking forwarder to your comments.



Copper pipe raw material processing equipment
floor mounted fan coil unit manufacturers-yesncer

YESNCER can customize these for customers:

1. Customize the appearance and size of floor standing fcu

2. Customized mold, customized product appearance style

3. Customized product color

4. Customized floor Standing fcu function

5. Customized floor Standing fcu control system

Floor mounted fan coil unit three installation methods
Floor Standing FCU Three Installation Methods
floor mounted fan coil unit water pipe insulation drawing
Floor Standing FCU Water Pipe Insulation Drawing
floor mounted fan coil unit water pipe drawing-yesncer
Floor Standing FCU Vertical Installation Drawings
floor mounted fan coil unit water pipe drawing
Floor Standing FCU Wall Mounting Drawings
floor mounted fan coil unit installation drawing
Floor Standing FCU Ceiling Installation Drawings
Floor mounted fan coil unit size parameter configuration table
Floor Standing FCU Size Parameter Configuration Table
floor mounted fan coil unit Manufacturers

Top Customer Concerns

Delivery Advantage

We are near and can be reached by any kind of transport way:

1)  Bulk orders can be shipped by sea, by air, and by railway, we are near to the Tianjin seaport, Beijing airport, and the Xi’an railway station.

2)  Sample orders can be shipped by express, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, or EMS.

3)  Sample orders also can be shipped by sea, air, or train to the door, including taxes or duties.

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