Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer In China

YESNCER was established in 1986.

  • Large-scale-horizontal-concealed-polyurethane-fan-coil-unit
  • Ultra-thin horizontal fan coil unit ultra-thin, lower return air and upgraded water tray collection
  • High-static-pressure,-large-temperature-difference,-high-power-and-large-temperature-difference-fan-coil-unit
  • 4-way-cassette-fan-coil-unit
  • Ultra-thin-130mm-thickness-fan-coil-unit-customized-by-European-customers
  • Ultra-thin-vertical-surface-mounted-fan-coil-unit
  • 4-pipe-fan-coil
  • Middle East customized general surface mounted fan coil unit
  • chilled-water-fan-coil-unit
  • Vertical cabinet fan coil unit
  • Large-scale-horizontal-concealed-polyurethane-fan-coil-unit
  • Ultra-thin horizontal fan coil unit ultra-thin, lower return air and upgraded water tray collection
  • High-static-pressure,-large-temperature-difference,-high-power-and-large-temperature-difference-fan-coil-unit
  • 4-way-cassette-fan-coil-unit
  • Ultra-thin-130mm-thickness-fan-coil-unit-customized-by-European-customers
  • Ultra-thin-vertical-surface-mounted-fan-coil-unit
  • 4-pipe-fan-coil
  • Middle East customized general surface mounted fan coil unit
  • chilled-water-fan-coil-unit
  • Vertical cabinet fan coil unit

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YESNCER Fan Coil Unit

YESNCER, a renowned fan coil unit manufacturer from China, was established in 1986.

With 35 years of experience in HAVC manufacturing and 6 years of export expertise, we proudly serve more than 1,000 projects in 20 countries.

As an OEM&ODM supplier, we enjoy long-term collaborations with 80% of our loyal customers, spanning over 3 years, providing comprehensive HAVC solutions.

We warmly invite you to visit our factory in China, where you can savor local delicacies, and fine wines, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking local scenery.

The Basic Components Of Fan Coil Units Mainly Include:
Motor, worm gear, drain pan, panel, fins, copper pipe, surface cooler, and many other parts, each part has a complete The system plays a vital role.

What are the advantages of each component of the YESNCER fan coil unit? What materials and brands are used for each component?

YESNCER Motor (Motor):

The motor adopts the Jiangsu Changzhou Liwen motor. The motor adopts high-density thickened shock-absorbing pads to ensure stable operation. The motor plate ribbing process has been increased
Sheet metal strength and reinforced ribs are added to the motor mounting holes, and the motor stability is greatly improved.
The high-end motor can choose the international first-line brand Yongan motor, which is more stable in operation and more durable.

YESNCER Worm Gear (Turbine):
1. Hot-dip galvanized volute, encrypted impeller, stable operation, large air volume, long air supply distance, and low noise.
2. The ABS turbine and volute wind wheel are all made of ABS material, which is corrosion-resistant and the noise is 3-5 decibels lower than that of iron turbines.

YESNCER Drain Pan:
The sheet metal surface uses a high-gloss spray process. The surface is smooth and dust-free, and it is not easy to corrode and has a long service life. A 7mm thick rubber-plastic insulation cotton is pasted on the outside of the plate to prevent condensation water from being refrigerated.

YESNCER Sheet Metal (Panel):
Shougang 1.0 oil-free, flower-free, and environmentally friendly hot-dip galvanized plate, 80 grams of galvanized per square meter, has a long service life, and is not easy to corrode. Using automatic molds and computer control, the cutting size is accurate.

These three series of surface coolers are currently in the same industry with reasonable sheet-shaped arrangements and good heat exchange effects. They use car fins as a new type of surface cooler fins, and their heat dissipation area is 13% larger than that of corrugated fins. The fan coil surface cooler has been tested by the Beijing National Air Conditioning Institute Testing Center. Under the same working conditions, the cooling capacity of the honeycomb surface cooler is 12.9% greater than that of the corrugated surface cooler. The fan coil surface cooler can also play a role in noise reduction through special uneven fins.

YESNCER Copper Pipe:
Φ9.52 tube, the surface cooler plate shape is a double-bridge window plate shape, the tube and row spacing are 25.4*19.05 and 25.4*22, the plate spacing 1.2-4.0 can be adjusted arbitrarily.
The shape of the Φ7 tube surface cooler is a double car window plate, the distance between tubes and rows is 21*12.7, and the distance between the plates is 1.2-1.8, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Φ12.88 tube. The row pitch is 38*33, and the film pitch is 2-5, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.

YESNCER Surface Cooler:
The working principle of the surface cooler: The surface cooler circulates through the air conditioning chilled water (refrigerant water) flowing inside. When the air comes into contact with the surface cooler, there is a temperature difference between the surface of the cooler and the air. According to the principle of heat transfer, the air heat will be transferred to the medium in the tube through the surface of the surface cooler, and the temperature of the air will be reduced. When the temperature of the cooler is lower than the dew point temperature of the air to be processed, the water vapor in the air will condense and form condensed water to achieve cooling. For the purpose of dehumidification, the fan sends the cooled (heated) cold (hot) air to the place of use to provide cooling or heating. The water supply pipe brings the absorbed heat medium water back to the host, releases the heat, cools it, and then sends it back. The surface cooler absorbs heat, cools the air flowing through it, and circulates it continuously.

YESNCER Craftsmanship:
The cold surface cooler undergoes strict mechanical tube expansion to ensure close contact between the aluminum fin hole wall and the copper tube without being affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction, thereby stabilizing the efficient heat exchange of the surface cooler. The surface cooler fins may be ordinary Aluminum foil can also be hydrophilic aluminum foil (coated blue, gold, etc. with the same properties); the surface cooler end guard can be galvanized plate or stainless steel plate. The surface cooler is in the form of copper tubes covered with aluminum fins. The shape of the aluminum fins is a sine wave plate shape that is currently advanced in the country and has a good heat transfer effect.

Types of FCU and Application Areas

There are three types of FCU: cooling-only, heating&cooling, and the suitability of each type depends on specific occasions. Whether a fan coil unit provides cooling or heating is determined by the main HVAC system rather than the unit itself. Therefore, the choice should be based on the specific needs of your building or your customers’ preferences, allowing for a tailored HVAC system.

  1. Commercial Office Environments: Fan coil units find extensive use in commercial office spaces, including large shopping malls and office buildings. These places often have high occupancy rates and require robust and efficient ventilation systems. Fan coil units, with their integrated cooling, heating, and ventilation functions, help maintain comfortable temperatures and air quality throughout different seasons and environments.
  2. Hospitality Sector (Hotels): Fan coil units are commonly employed in hotels, where the need to accommodate guests in diverse environments, such as individual rooms and conference spaces, is common. The all-in-one functionality of fan coil units enhances the flexibility and efficiency of the hotel’s air conditioning system.
  3. Healthcare Facilities (Hospitals): In the healthcare sector, air circulation and air quality are of utmost importance due to the unique physical conditions of patients. Hospitals require a comfortable, hygienic, and safe air-conditioned environment. Fan coil units play a pivotal role in addressing these needs and providing a high-quality air environment.
  4. Conference Centers: Conference centers typically host large gatherings and various events. To ensure optimal air quality and temperature within the venue, efficient air conditioning equipment is essential. Fan coil units fit this requirement well, meeting the demands of densely populated areas for air conditioning systems and creating a comfortable environment for participants to engage in activities and interact.
  5. Residential Use: Fan coil systems are suitable for various residential settings, including villas, entire residential buildings, and large-scale structures. Even for retrofit projects, exposed fan coil units can be chosen, facilitating the transformation to a comfortable fan coil system without the need to disrupt the original building structure.**

The choice of fan coil unit type should align with the specific requirements of the given application, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency in the HVAC system.


Commercial fan coil units offer increased power, enhanced cooling capacity, higher air volume, and extended air outlet distance. They are suitable for tall spaces, densely populated areas, industrial settings, and more.

4-Way cassette Fan Coil Unit

The 4-way cassette fan coil unit is ideal for installations in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and more. It is mounted on the ceiling, saving valuable indoor space.


Highly efficient, low noise, easy installation, and maintenance-friendly. Widely applied in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, exhibition halls, and more. Choose from 16 available models.

130mm ultra-thin modern fan coil unit
130mm Slim Fan Coil Unit

Ultra-thin design, with a thickness of just 130mm. Our best-selling product combines sleek appearance and simplicity. It operates quietly, generating less than 35dB of noise, making it suitable for indoor installation. It can be controlled by multiple devices. Available in wall-mounted, indoor ceiling-mounted, and vertical installation options.

Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit

The wall-mounted chilled water fan coil unit combines the benefits of traditional Freon air conditioners, like saving space and looking good. But compared to electric air conditioners, it’s a cost-effective option that offers greater comfort and a healthier indoor environment, helps maintain optimal room humidity in winter, saves energy, and promotes eco-friendliness.

Details of the air outlet of the 190mm ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit

Designed for rooms with limited vertical space, this horizontal concealed fan coil unit is a compact solution with a slender body thickness of just 190mm. Its ceiling installation helps optimize space utilization. It delivers powerful performance with minimal noise, making it a top-of-the-line luxury model among chilled water fan coil units.

10 Products Found.

Fan Coil Radiator

Fan coil radiators are an excellent choice for residential use, offering space-saving design and a sleek appearance that complements modern home decoration styles. Despite their compact size, they deliver powerful cooling and heating capabilities. With noise levels below 20dB, they ensure a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

How to determine the left and right inlets and outlets of a fan coil unit?

To identify the water inlet and outlet of the fan coil unit, you should stand facing the air outlet. If the interface is located on the left side of the fan coil unit, then the water inlet is on the left. Conversely, if the interface is on the right side, the water inlet is on the right.

Which types of fan coil units do not require distinguishing between left and right water inlet directions?

For three types of fan coil units – the stuck unit, hanging unit, and cabinet unit – there is no need to differentiate between left and right water inlet directions.

  • Wall Mounted Modern Fan Coil

    Wall-mounted chilled water fan coil units resemble traditional Freon air conditioners, offering similar benefits such as space-saving and aesthetics. However, they outperform electric air conditioners in terms of cost-effectiveness, providing a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment. Space-saving and perfect for renovating old houses.

  • 130mm modern fan coil unit new type
    Ultra Thin Fan Coil Radiator

    Ultra-thin fan coil radiators are highly sought after in European countries. They can be mounted on the ceiling, or wall, or placed on the ground. With noise levels ranging from 10-20dB, they offer a cooling capacity of 5500W, a heating capacity of 8250W, and an air volume of 200-1100m3/h. Remarkably, they weigh just 16 kg.

  • White wall mounted domestic water fan coil for home

    The use effect, installation method, production workshop, and parameter testing laboratory of wall-mounted chilled water fan coil units will be shown in detail in the video display column, please check. Or tell me your email to get more detailed product information.

  • 2P-Wall Mounted Modern Fan Coil
    3P Wall-Mounted Fan Coil Unit Radiator

    Wall-mounted fan coil unit, appearance size 1100*325*250, provides an air volume of 1300m³/h, a heating capacity of 8000w, a cooling capacity of 6500w, and operates at a noise level below 25dB. It consumes 30W of power and features dual temperature dual control, an LED display, and high-temperature automatic operation.

  • 130mm-ultra-thin-Modern-fan-coil-unit-

    The standard models of fan coil units are YG-20 and YG-30. However, most customers prefer to customize their own styles and functions. Currently, my customer has customized the size, color, function, model, etc., of this machine individually. Which type would you like to customize?

Cassette Fan Coil

Cassette Fan Coil is a chilled water ceiling cassette fan coil unit that is widely used. It offers advantages such as uniform airflow, high power, and a stylish installation effect. It is suitable for installation in homes, commercial spaces, entertainment venues, and the catering industry.

The Distinction Between Fan Coil Units and Fans

Different Operating Principles: Fans operate by drawing air in and expelling it outward through rotating blades, creating an airflow. Fan coils, on the other hand, employ a built-in condenser and heat exchanger to heat or cool a fluid circulating through pipes, then use an internal fan to distribute conditioned air.

Distinct Applications: Fans are primarily used for ventilation, heat dissipation, or cooling purposes, commonly found in offices, factories, and workshops. Fan coil units, in contrast, find extensive use in central air conditioning systems and building air handling systems, serving larger spaces such as homes, offices, hotels, and supermarkets.

Diverse Advantages and Disadvantages: Fans boast a simple structure, ease of use, and affordability. However, their limitation lies in providing ventilation without the ability to regulate air temperature. Fan coils offer the advantage of air conditioning capabilities, including cooling, heating, and dehumidification, making them versatile. Nonetheless, they come with some drawbacks, such as complex installation and higher maintenance costs.

Structural Differences: Fans typically consist of a motor, impeller, and casing, while fan coil units are complex systems comprising a compressor, expansion valve, condenser, evaporator, fan, and other components.

  • 1 way cassette fan coil unit-YESNCER

    1-way cassette fan coil unit can be oriented in one direction to blow air. It is mostly used in some special environments and requires directional wind. Both size and air volume can be customized. Meet all your usage needs.

  • 2-way-cassette-fan-coil-unit
    2-Way Ceiling Cassette FCU

    Ceiling cassette installed in the ceiling, two-way airflow. Power, air volume, size, and color can all be customized. According to different configurations and sizes, it is divided into two models. Your customers will have more choices.

  • 360 cassette-fan-coil-unit
    Round Ceiling Cassette Fan Coil Unit

    Round cassette fan coil has a novel shape, and the size of the circular air outlet can be customized according to customer needs.   And can issue the actual parameters and laboratory test data of each customized product.

  • 4-way-cassette-fan-coil-unit

    4-Way Cassette is the most exported of these Cassette Fan Coils. The power, air volume and control form can be customized for customers. This fan coil unit is divided into standard type and luxury type.

  • 4-way cassette, 9 types. Air Volume: 340-2380 m3/h, Cooling Capacity:950-40944,  Heating Capacity: 2100-18600, Noise: less than 35dB, Power: 40-210W. I can also provide your customers with 4-way cassette electric air conditioners.

Customization And Productivity

Customized service
Customized Service

Your Fan Coil Unit Is Unique, Can Apply For Your Patent

Super Productivity
Super Productivity

Daily production capacity of fan coil units: 2,000 units

customized product
Custom Function

Custom functions to suit local customer usage habits.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Standard FCU: 3-year warranty, Luxury Model: 5-year warranty.

Customized Fan Coil Unit Mold

If you want to customize your own fan coil unit and gain a competitive edge in your local market, I can assist you. Friendly reminder: For large-scale customization, consider creating custom molds. If the demand is small for now, our standard models are available. Custom molds for fan coil units can be costly.

Fan coil mold processing and manufacturing
Customized Product Features

Customized Fan Coil Unit Functions

Customize fan coil control mode: Choose between single temperature single control or dual temperature dual control. Customize FCU power and motor type, as well as heat and cooling capacity. These functions are commonly customized by our customers. What specific functional needs do your customers have for fan coil units? Let me know, and I’ll assist you in finding a solution.

Custom Fan Coil Unit Appearance Color

The color of the fan coil unit’s appearance is determined by the exterior plastic parts. We can adjust the color of the plastic parts during the injection molding process by adding the appropriate amount of toner.

To ensure color consistency, please provide me with the international color card number.

Customized product appearance color

Why Choose YESNCER

Customized fan coil mold welding operation site
Designing products for customers is drawing product structure drawings by hand

YESNCER is a leading Chinese fan coil manufacturer, specializing in production, manufacturing, and research and development.

We have been at the forefront of China’s fan coil industry for several years, showcasing our confidence and strength. Four years ago, we expanded our presence to the global market, leveraging our expertise and experience gained in China.

As of 2023, we have established a substantial customer base, maintaining long-term and stable relationships with them for over three years.

We are committed to being your trustworthy and dependable supplier, providing you with exceptional products that meet the highest quality standards.

With the strength of our factory and the superior quality of our products, we are confident that we will earn your satisfaction and approval.

Comparing Fan Coil Units and Refrigerant (Freon) Air Conditioners

Refrigeration Principles: Central air conditioning water systems use hot and cold water units to circulate water for cooling or heating in fan coil units. In contrast, refrigerant air conditioners change the physical form of the transmission medium (Freon) through an external unit compressor and internal unit evaporator to achieve cooling or heating.

Operating Principles: Refrigerant systems, like Freon, can cool or heat spaces rapidly, making them suitable for quick temperature adjustments in small areas. Water systems, such as those in Europe and the United States, prioritize comfort and health in large upscale residences.

Energy Consumption/Energy Efficiency Ratio: Water systems, with their substantial enthalpy increase technology, exhibit higher energy efficiency, especially in larger spaces. Freon systems are more suitable for general apartments.

Comfort: Water systems provide slower cooling with less moisture loss in the air, offering better long-term comfort. Freon systems cool rapidly but can lead to dry indoor air with prolonged use.

Heating Capacity: Water systems, equipped with enthalpy-increasing technology, can operate effectively at temperatures as low as 15°C and are compatible with floor heating. Freon systems, being simpler, do not support floor heating and are less advantageous for heating purposes.

R & D team designed ultra-thin horizontal concealed fan coil unit
R&D Design Team Fan Coil Design

Our design and R&D team consists of over 100 highly skilled individuals. They have successfully completed over 3,000 new product development and engineering projects, showcasing their extensive practical experience. You can have complete confidence in our team.

The entire cycle of new product R&D, including design, mold making, parameter testing, and adjustment, takes approximately one month.

Fan coil noise test laboratory
Fan Coil Test Laboratory

Every fan coil unit undergoes over 100 data tests, and only those that meet our factory requirements are packaged and delivered to you.

You can trust the quality of each fan coil unit we provide. Both customized units and standard model chilled water fan coil units come with a 3-year quality assurance service.

Believe That Your Customers Will Fall In Love With This Stylish Hydronic Fan Coil Unit

4-way box fan coil unit modern fan coil unit installation and use renderings
Cassette Fan Coil Installed In The Bathroom

The hydronic fan coil unit provides gentle and evenly distributed airflow from all sides, with a noise level below 30 decibels, comparable to the sound of falling water droplets. It efficiently cools and heats, ensuring the desired bathroom temperature.

Indulge in peaceful solitude, experience the comfort of the indoor environment, and relieve the day’s fatigue. Love yourself and embrace life.

Thin fan coil living room wall-mounted installation and use
Wall-Mounted Fan Coil Radiator

The ultra-thin fan coil radiator can be conveniently controlled via WiFi. Whether it’s winter or summer, you can use your mobile phone to turn on the fan coil radiator before returning home. It helps preheat (or cool down) the indoor temperature in advance. Stepping through the door, you’ll be greeted by the warmth and comfort of your home, replacing fatigue with a sense of happiness.

Imagine the joy this could bring to all your clients! I’m confident everyone will appreciate you for it.

Thin fan coil units are installed and used on bedroom ceilings
Ceiling-Mounted Fan Coil Unit Installed In Horizontal

With noise levels below 20 decibels, equivalent to the sound of falling leaves, it’s an excellent option for installing in your bedroom at home.

Not only does it provide a quiet and appealing atmosphere, but it also allows you to adjust the wind speed and rapidly regulate indoor temperature and humidity. Additionally, it features dust removal and ultraviolet sterilization functionalities.

Installing it in your bedroom will make you feel as if you’re peacefully sleeping in a vast, oxygen-rich forest, experiencing the breath of spring throughout the year.

The thin fan coil is installed and used in the hall floor
Floor-Mounted Fan Coil Unit Installed In The Living Room

Floor-standing ultra-thin fan coil radiators can be a stunning addition to your home’s interior decor.

Not only do they save space and enhance the beauty of any room, but they also offer rapid temperature adjustment, even in larger spaces. Their appearance, color, shape, size, function, and wind speed can all be customized to suit the preferences and usage habits of your local customers. These high-end residential hydronic fan coil units adhere to modern aesthetic standards. They are easy to install and incredibly convenient to use and maintain.

YESNCERFactory gate
  • I am customizing YESNCER fan coils and the sales in Italy are excellent. YESNCER is now assisting me in delivering 40HQ every month. It has been a delightful experience working together for the past 3 years.

  • The fan coil units from this manufacturer are of excellent quality. Prior to making a large purchase, the manufacturer provided me with three prototype models: ducted fan coil units, floor-mounted fan coil units, and ceiling cassettes. The results from laboratory tests far exceeded my expectations.

  • Flawless purchasing experience. This company is highly responsible. Despite a one-month delay caused by a shipping agent’s error, the manufacturer proactively assisted me in resolving the issue. The goods were promptly received, and the project progress remained unaffected in the end.


Related Products

Payment method


Shipping method

By Sea, By Air, By Express Delivery, By Railway, and By Land.

Suggestions to save you shipping costs:

By Sea
Bulk goods are transported by the sea at a low cost usually.

By Express Delivery
If hurry or samples, we can also send them to you by air at an extra cost.

Delivery time, how many days?

3-5 Days For Less Than 2000 Sets; 7-10 Days For 2000-5000 Sets;  15-20 Days For More Than 5000 Sets.

Customized fan coil molds and functions.

Please email or call me to communicate your requirements.

If you require changes in the product’s size and shape, a custom mold will be necessary. For customization of performance, color, and control method, I can design and modify the model to help you save costs.

What fan coil functions can be customized?

Customizable options include: dust removal, ultraviolet sterilization, wind speed and volume control, cooling and heating capacity, voltage and power settings, thermostat control mode, and more.

Customize the appearance color of the surface-mounted fan coil unit.

If you want to specify the appearance color of the fan coil, please use the international color card to choose the desired color.

If you encounter difficulties in installation after receiving the goods for your engineering project or your customer, what should you do?

Upon receiving the fan coil unit, you will find a comprehensive installation and operation manual inside the packaging of each machine. If you encounter any difficulties, we can provide online guidance for installation and commissioning. For large and complex engineering projects, we can even send HVAC engineers to your country to assist with the completion.

After-sales guarantees for fan coil units.

The standard model of the fan coil unit comes with a 3-year warranty, while the luxury model has a 5-year warranty.

In case of any product defects that hinder the smooth progress of your construction project, we will not only refund the full cost of the product but also compensate you for 1-3 times the incurred losses (as specified in the transaction contract based on the actual circumstances).

Do Customized Fan Coil Units Also Have A Warranty?


Customized fan coil units also receive the same after-sales warranty service as standard fan coil units.

Distinguishing Between Fan Coil Units and Air Handling Units (AHUs)

Fan Coil Unit (FCU): FCUs are terminal devices in air conditioning systems. They continuously recirculate room air, passing it through a coil (either hot water or cold water) to maintain a constant room temperature. The fan provides forced convection, heating the air when it passes over a heating element, thereby enhancing the heat exchange process. This approach quickly heats the room.

Air Handling Unit (AHU): AHUs, also known as air conditioning boxes or air handling units, rely on fans to circulate indoor air through the unit’s internal coil, where heat exchange occurs. They also filter impurities in the air, maintaining indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality by controlling air temperature and volume. Some AHUs can handle fresh air and offer heat and moisture treatment and air filtration functions. AHUs come in various forms, including ceiling-mounted, vertical, horizontal, and combined types, serving different purposes and locations

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