Exposed fan coil unit manufacturers

Exposed Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer

  • Provide OEM&ODM Service
  • Factory Support:   Over 300 Production Lines, 2000+ Team Members
  • Fast Delivery:    2000 units< 3 days,  5000 units< 7 days
  • Offering Competitive Product Pricing and Exceptional Quality
  • Offering Complimentary Samples for Your Convenient Data Testing


China Exposed Fan Coil Unit Supplier

Since 1986, YESNCER has become a custom factory for exposed fan coil units in China.
We strictly follow the company’s seven major systems as the basic principles for the company’s survival and development:

1. Supply System
2. Key Parameter Production Process Control System
3. Storage System
4. Packaging System
5. QC System
6. Pre-Shipment Inspection System
7. After-Sales System

YESNCER offers personalized exposed fan coil units customized for function, shape, color, cooling capacity, parameters, and more.

By customizing these units, YESNCER assists you in creating a distinct brand identity, aligning your exposed fan coil units with local customer preferences and aesthetics, and enhancing your product’s competitive edge in the local market.

Competitive price: As a Chinese manufacturer, YESNCER provides the most competitive price, helping you get more business opportunities and win more long-term cooperation customers, and build trust.

Exposed fan coil remote control
Exposed Fan Coil Unit+Remote Control
floor mounted fan coil unit
Exposed Fan Coil Unit
Exposed fan coil unit
Exposed Fan Coil Unit 3 Installation Methods
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Production Workshop of Exposed Fan Coil Unit

  • YESNCER Exposed fan coil unit wind wheel accessories inventory workshop
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Blower Wheels Warehouse

    YESNCER maintains a substantial inventory of both ABS and Iron Blower Wheels.

    We have the capacity to handle substantial order volumes at any given time, ensuring efficient production and timely delivery to our customers.

  • YESNCER Exposed fan coil uni assembly workshop
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Assembly Workshop

    The exposed fan coil unit assembly process must strictly implement the Key Parameter Production Process Control System standard.

  • Exposed fan coil unit The head of the water collection head is made of pure brass
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Evaporator Coil Sufficient Stock

    While stacking the evaporator coil, meticulously examine the surface cooler to ensure its integrity, and confirm that the fins are free from flipping, bumping, and similar issues.
    Perform tests meticulously in strict accordance with technical specifications to guarantee the exposed fan coil unit’s pressure and sealing meet the necessary qualifications.

  • Exposed fan coil unit various export certificates
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Possesses Comprehensive Export Certifications

    YESNCER possesses export certificates from multiple countries.
    We can furnish the required certificate prior to shipment.
    In the event of delivery delays caused by certificate issues, impacting your construction schedule, we assume responsibility for any resulting losses.

  • Exposed fan coil unit sheet metal wool cutting preparation
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Sheet Metal Processing Workshop

    The Exposed Fan Coil Unit maintains stringent standards for sheet metal raw material procurement. Suppliers are meticulously chosen from a pool of over 200.

  • Exposed fan coil unitCoolerMechanical expanderMechanical equipment
    Evaporator Coil Mechanical Tube Expander

    YESNCER employs a mechanical tube expander for processing Evaporator coil copper tubes.
    The mechanical expansion method offers several benefits: it maintains low expansion rates for tube length and diameter, ensuring copper tube thickness and length are not excessively altered. This approach safeguards the fan coil unit’s service life.

    YESNCER willingly invests in higher raw material costs to ensure the exceptional product quality of fan coil units.

  • Exposed fan coil unit sheet metal cutting, automation equipment
    Automatic Sheet Metal Cutting Machine

    YESNCER utilizes an automated laser cutting machine, ensuring smooth edges and burr-free sheet metal components for the fan coil unit. The machine’s small cutting seam width enhances product quality.

    Furthermore, the laser-cut exposed fan coil unit sheet metal is directly applicable to subsequent processing and assembly, boosting production efficiency.

  • YESNCER Exposed fan coil unit sheet metal processing workshop
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Production Workshop

    The production workshop for exposed fan coil units mandates safety gear for employees and adherence to production process guidelines. Accessories are organized in designated areas.

  • Exposed fan coil custom Evaporator fin processing equipment
    Exposed Fan Coil Custom Evaporator Fin Processing Equipment

    Inspect the cut position of the exposed fan coil unit’s Evaporator coil fin raw material for smoothness, absence of burrs, and ridges. If any of these issues are present, the raw material does not meet the required standards and should not proceed to production and processing.

  • Customized Large Cooler Fan Coil
    Custom-Made Exposed Fan Coil Units

    We are currently producing tailor-made exposed fan coil units for our Australian clients.
    We can customize exposed fan coil units based on project drawings and architectural specifications to better suit your needs. Additionally, we offer assistance in customizing products for your customers.

OEM&ODM Exposed Fan Coil Unit

  • YESNCER Exposed fan coil unit
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Condenser Cooper Tube

    Condenser: Cooper tube φ9.52mm and,0.3mm thick,0.105mm hydrophilic aluminum foil and 12FPI

  • Exposed fan coil Multiple control methods
    Exposed Fan Coil Multiple Control Methods

    Exposed fan coil units offer versatile control options:

    For floor-mounted installations, control is achieved through touch screen buttons.
    Ceiling-mounted installations come with remote control capabilities.

  • Exposed fan coil evaporator installation
    Evaporator Coil Installation Copper Pipe

    1.   Before utilizing copper tubes and aluminum foil, visually inspect the surface finish, ensuring no presence of rust, burrs, etc.
    2.   During the stacking procedure, ensure there are no bumps or rewinding, maintaining a smooth and even arrangement.

  • Exposed fan coil unit assembly line
    Exposed Fan Coil Assembly Line

    The assembly of exposed fan coil units must be carried out in accordance with the key parameters of the production process control system.

  • YESNCER is assembling the surface cooler of the sample for the custom Exposed fan coil unit
    YESNCER is assembling the surface cooler of the sample for the custom Exposed fan coil unit

    During the assembly process of the exposed fan coil unit’s evaporator coil fins, it is crucial to maintain a consistent fin shape while preserving the orderly arrangement for subsequent connections. These fins are designed with spacious windows, significantly enhancing the heat dissipation efficiency of the Exposed fan coil unit’s Evaporator coil.

  • Exposed fan coil unit assembly thermostat site
    Exposed Fan Coil Unit Quality Inspectors Perform A Thorough Examination Of Each Assembled

    Exposed chilled water fan coil unit. Stringent material checks are conducted to prevent any impact on the overall appearance caused by minor components. For instance, ensuring proper insulation in the exposed chilled water fan coil unit is crucial to prevent surface condensation during the cooling process.

  • Exposed fan coil custom sheet metal assembly
    Exposed fan coil unit installed Drain pan

    Drain pan with the high-gloss spray and pasted 7mm insulation

    Installing the water tray for the exposed chilled water fan coil unit is crucial. The water tray serves to prevent condensate from dripping off the unit.

  • Exposed fan coil remote control
    Vertical Installation of Exposed Fan Coil Unit

    The exposed fan coil unit is oriented vertically, and remote control functionality enables remote adjustments of fan speed, temperature, and other operational settings.

  • Exposed fan coil unit finished product testing site
    YESNCER Provided Customized Exposed Fan Coil Unit

    YESNCER has provided customized vertical exposed fan coil units for Australian customers. These units are tailored to suit farm applications, with variations available for both floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted installations.

  • Exposed fan coil custom evaporator assembly
    Exposed Fan Coil Custom Evaporator Assembly

    During installation, pay careful attention:
    Avoid damaging the water tray’s insulation layer.
    Take care not to bump into the fins of the Evaporator coil or cause any damage.

  • Exposed fan coil unit packaging site
    Inspection of Exposed Fan Coil Unit's Machine Appearance and Packaging

    Inspections of the Exposed Fan Coil Unit’s Machine Appearance and Packaging must adhere to established regulations. Proper packaging is crucial during the extended transportation of the unit to ensure the received product’s appearance remains unaffected for the customer.

  • Exposed fan coil custom ceiling installation
    Exposed Fan Coil Custom Ceiling Installation

    Exposed fan coil unit ceiling installation results in an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The product boasts an extended lifespan and exceptional quality, with an impressively low failure rate.

  • The exposed fan coil unit shell is made of PP material and is integrally injection molded
    Customized Sample Of The Exposed Fan Coil Unit

    A customized sample of the Exposed Fan Coil Unit for a Dubai customer is prepared for packaging and shipping.

  • Exposed fan coil custom assembly line
    Exposed Fan Coil Custom Assembly Line

    During the assembly process of exposed fan coil units, assemblers must meticulously inspect the following aspects:

    1. Sheet Metal: Ensure the absence of abnormalities like oil spots, scratches, or bumps.
    2. Thermal Insulation: Verify the proper condition of thermal insulation with no irregularities.
    3. Spraying: Check for any indications of flow marks, uneven coating, or surface scratches on the sprayed finish.

Exposed Fan Coil Unit

3 Years Warranty
326 strict quality inspection processes
238 Quality Inspection Processes
YESNCER air curtain manufacturer provides OEM&ODM
Provide OEM&ODM Service
Support factory inspection
Support Factory Inspection

YESNCER Boasts A Comprehensive Enterprise Management and Production System

YESNCER offers OEM & ODM services for exposed fan coil units.
Since 1986, we have evolved into a proficient exposed fan coil unit manufacturer through years of growth and progress.

Over the years, YESNCER has been dedicated to enhancing the frequency of upgrading fan coil production and processing equipment. We firmly believe that only top-quality production and processing equipment can deliver higher-quality products to our customers.

We offer:
1. Expertise in BIM System Diagrams
2. Complimentary Quotations, Drawings, Design Consultation, and Technical Exchanges
3. Independent R&D for Customized Temperature Control Solutions
4. Tailored Solutions, Design, Installation, and Commissioning

Our Qualifications:
Multiple Export Certificates: CRAA, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CE, TUV, and more.

Exposed fan coil custom Professional manufacturer using imported processing equipment
YESNCER Exposed fan coil uni sheet metal accessories are in sufficient stock

Standard for Raw Material Selection System

YESNCER Exposed fan coil uni sheet metal accessories are in sufficient stock

At YESNCER, every raw material supplier undergoes a thorough selection and factory inspection process. Over time, we’ve implemented a comprehensive procurement approach for all YESNCER raw materials, ensuring supplier selection.

Upon confirming a high-quality supplier, we establish enduring and stable partnerships, avoiding frequent changes in exposed fan coil unit’s raw material suppliers.

Key Parameter Production Process Control System

The Key Parameter Production Process Control System encompasses all processing stages and testing elements for fan coil units, including:

Sheet metal processing
Laser cutting
Mold processing
Sheet metal bending
Surface cooler processing
Copper tube bending
Fin processing
Tube expansion process
Welding process
Sealing test
Finished product assembly
Material inspection by assembly personnel
Assembly process inspection by Quality Inspection Department
Factory type inspection
Sampling inspection
This system ensures meticulous oversight across all stages of production to uphold quality standards.


Exposed fan coil custom assembly system (2)
YESNCER Test Product Data Lab

Exposed Fan Coil Unit Has Gone Through 238 Quality Inspection Processe

YESNCER has multiple laboratories, and our fan coil unit testing items are very comprehensive.
Inspection item:
1.  Airflow, Power input
2.  Start and run
3.  Insulation resistance test
4.  Coil Pressure
5.  Electric strength
6.  Sealing performance
7.  Leakage current

Packaging System Guidelines

Operational Requirements for Packaging Process:

1.  Ensure secure packaging with ample cushioning to prevent shaking or squeezing.

2.  Employ sealing tape in a cross pattern for tight sealing.

3.  Handle items with care, following principles for weight, size, shape, and curvature.

4.  Align packaging boxes with upward arrows or text directions as the positive orientation. Strictly avoid placing items upside down or sideways.

Exposed fan coil custom packing line
Exposed fan coil custom transportation system

Pre-Shipment Inspection And Transportation System

Inspection item:
Check the goods to be loaded, and check whether the name, pieces, packaging, logo, labels, and the state of the goods meet the requirements according to the scheduling sheet. The container also needs to check the carton body, number and seal number.
A.the appearance inspection of the finished product, there should be no obvious scratches, rust spots and indentations on the outer surface of the unit, and the surface should be smooth.
B. check whether the nameplates, warning signs, and logo are correct.
C. Packaging inspection, the carton body should be intact, whether the internal and external packaging meet the requirements
D. Or other inspection items required by the customer

3 Different Installation Methods

Three installation options are available:

  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Floor Standing
  • Wall Mounted

Your customer has the freedom to select their preferred installation method based on their usage requirements and the building’s design.


3 Different Installation Methods

YESNCER Delivers Exceptionally Professional And Top-Quality Exposed Fan Coil Units To Meet Your Needs

Exposed fan coil size parameter configuration table
Exposed Fan Coil Unit Drawing
Exposed fan coil size parameter configuration table-YESNCER
Parameter Configuration Table
The advantages of exposed fan coil unit details
Advantages Of Exposed Fan Coil Unit Details
Working principle of exposed fan coil unit
Working Principle Of Exposed Fan Coil Unit
Exposed fan coil unit motor lasts longer
Exposed Fan Coil Unit Motor Lasts Longer
Schematic diagram of different forms of exposed fan coil unit installation
Schematic Diagram Of Different Forms Of Exposed Fan Coil Unit Installation
Floor-mounted installation drawing of surface-mounted fan coil unit
Floor-Mounted Installation Drawing
YESNCER-Exposed fan coil unit manufacturersFactory gate
Can you provide custom packaging or labeling for my order?

1. Yes;
2. OEM&ODM is our strength;
3. The packaging and label must be your own brand. Involved in infringement, sorry, YESNCER will not meet your needs.

How many years is the warranty of Exposed fan coil unit?

1. The Exposed fan coil unit is guaranteed for 3 years.
2. Exposed fan coil unit motor warranty is 10 years.
3. Outside the warranty period, we can send you accessories and replace them by yourself; or buy a new machine at a discounted price.

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