The 2023 Baoding Yuexin Cooling & Warming Shanghai Exhibition will end, and we look forward to meeting in Beijing in 2024--YESNCER

2023 Shanghai Refrigeration Exhibition

In April 2023, the sales elite of YESNCER proudly participated in the prestigious Shanghai Refrigeration Exhibition.

At the 2023 exhibition, many foreign friends participated in the exhibition, and we established a partnership with the exhibition.

YESNCER sincerely invites you to visit our booth at Beijing Refrigeration Exhibition in 2024 and experience the excellent quality and performance of YESNCER products for yourself. YESNCER is eager to meet with you to answer your inquiries and discuss how we can work together to meet your specific HVAC requirements.

Mark your calendars and join us at Beijing Refrigeration 20234. Let’s shape the future of the HVAC industry together.

An old friend of our clients. They are already familiar with each other.
Our old friends made a special trip to Shanghai exhibition.
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
In order to thank customers for coming, YESNCER prepared exquisite gifts for customers.
Arrived at the exhibition, and arrived at the factory with my colleagues on the same day to visit the factory.
Customers who received our invitation and went to Shanghai to participate in the exhibition as scheduled.
Customers who will visit the factory in 2022 will come to YESNCER Shanghai Exhibition
YESNCER's sales elites gathered at the Shanghai exhibition to serve our customers.
Engineering project contractor. Batch custom fan coil units.

Happy Exhibition Trip (7)

  • On the evening of the exhibition, we went out to have a delicious dinner

    In 2019, participate in the sumptuous dinner during the exhibition

  • After a busy day at the exhibition, we returned to the hotel and we had a simple supper together - watermelon

    Participate in the exhibition in 2022, go back to the hotel for a rest in the early morning

  • Went to Xinjiang, China to participate in the exhibition, we ate simple meals in the lounge, and everyone sat on the floor

    In 2021, on the way to the exhibition, stop for lunch

  • Relaxing supper, attend the end of the fair

    In 2019, before the start of the exhibition, enjoy a big meal and meet the challenge

  • Participating in the Shanghai exhibition, of course you have to go out for a while and take a look at the Bund in Shanghai at night

    In 2017, I participated in the Shanghai exhibition and enjoyed the night view of Shanghai in my spare time.

  • Went to Sichuan, China to participate in the exhibition, we had hot pot together, it was very delicious

    In 2018, Sichuan exhibition, leisure time to enjoy local food – hot pot

  • At the exhibition, we also occasionally entertained, saw Transformers, and took photos with it

    In 2021, we participated in the Shenzhen exhibition

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YESNCER Will Participate In The Exhibition In 2022

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How to ensure the quality?

253 Quality Inspections

328 Production Processes

52 Packaging Requirements

135 Supplier Selection Criteria

Support to watch the production and quality inspection process online;

Support third-party quality inspection agencies to come to the factory to help you make quality inspection reports;

Support warranty, 3-5 years. Different product categories have different warranty periods.

Support to the construction site, technical support & inspection maintenance

Real manufacturer?

The real HAVC manufacturer.
Founded in 1986. Engaged in the HAVC industry for 35 years. Support OEM&ODM.

What is the production capacity?

Fan coil production capacity:
<500 Units,  3 Days;   <2000 Units, 7 Days;   5000-10000 Dnits, 15 Days

Mainframe production capacity:
The production time is determined according to the host specifications and customized functions, about 15-35 days.

Customized fan coil production capacity: To customize fan coil units, you need to determine the customized project first.
Custom mold: one month
Customized features & colors: 20 days

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