TUV certification
Certificate of YESNCER

YESNCER Certification

We have obtained the CRAA and CCC certificates from the country’s top testing organization, demonstrating our commitment to quality. Additionally, we hold ISO9001 certification for quality management, ISO14001 for environmental management, and ISO45001 for occupational health and safety. Our products meet EU production standards, have CE certification, and have been tested and certified by the reputable German organization TUV.

Each certificate issued by YESNCER undergoes rigorous quality inspection by third-party organizations to ensure compliance with the export requirements of different countries. It typically takes 3 months for the review process before obtaining the license.

All our export licenses, quality inspection certificates, production licenses, equipment inspection certificates, and others are issued by accredited professional institutions.

Please note that the import certificates specific to your country are not included in the aforementioned certificates. To avoid any delays in your project timeline, we recommend placing your order in advance, and we will ensure that the necessary certificates are completed before delivery. In the event of any certificate-related delays causing disruptions to your project or delivery schedule, YESNCER will take full responsibility for any resulting losses incurred.