China Cassette Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer.

Cassette Fan Coil Manufacturer

YESNCER is a leading cassette fan coil manufacturer in China.

This is a fan coil unit suitable for large building floor spacing. The cassette fan coil I produce has these advantages:


੦  Chinese Manufacturer, No Middlemen

੦  Warranty for 3 years. Give You The Best Competitive Price

੦  Offer Cassette Fan Coil Unit and Ceiling Cassette Mini-Split

China Cassette Fan Coil Manufacturer

YESNCER is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in cassette fan coil units since 1986.

  • Services: They offer OEM&ODM service, catering to engineering builders, project contractors, large distributors, etc.
  • Quality Inspection: Every detail of their cassette fan coil units undergoes rigorous testing based on hundreds of experimental data, resulting in the best solution for mass production.
  • Free Samples: You can request free samples to test the experimental data and product quality.
  • Motor Warranty: The fan coil motor comes with a 10-year guarantee and can be entirely replaced during this period.
  • Unit Warranty: The cassette fan coil unit has a 3-year guarantee, and replacements are accessible within this timeframe.
  • Competitive price: As a Chinese manufacturer, YESNCER provides the most competitive price, allowing you to get more business opportunities at an affordable price. Help you win more long-term cooperation customers and build trust.

Our Cassette Fan Coil Units will Exceed Your Expectations.

To produce a dedicated central air-conditioning terminal for each engineer, and ensure that your project is delivered on schedule.

Cassette Fan Coil

Advanced Configuration Cassette Fan Coil

Model: KP-34,KP-51,KP-68
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 1.98,2.98,3.68
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 2.98,4.80,5.48
Airflow (m³/h): 340,510,680
Power Input (W): 34,50,58
Current (A): 0.151,0.225,0.258
Noise dB (A): 34,35,37
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or Remote Controller
Water flow (m³/h): 0.42,0.52,0.62
Water pressure drop(kPa): 14,14,16
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4
Weight (kg): 18,19,20

Advanced Configuration Cassette Fan Coil-yesncer

Model: KP-85,KP-102,KP-136
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 4.98,5.58,7.2
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 7.20,8.18,10.80
Airflow (m³/h): 850,1020,1360
Power Input (W): 72,92,126
Current (A): 0.32,0.385,0.561
Noise dB (A): 39,40,41
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or Remote Controller
Water flow (m³/h): 0.86,0.98,1.08
Water pressure drop(kPa): 18,22,25
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4
Weight (kg): 26,27,28

Advanced Configuration Cassette Fan Coil--yesncer

Model: KP-170,KP-204,KP-238
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 9.9,10.8,12.6
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 14.50,16.20,18.90
Airflow (m³/h): 1700,2040,2380
Power Input (W): 128,152,198
Current (A): 0.547,0.677,0.882
Noise dB (A): 41,43,44
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or Remote Controller
Water flow (m³/h): 1.58,1.78,1.92
Water pressure drop(kPa): 39,44,46
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4
Weight (kg): 33,34,35

Standard configuration card fan coil unit
4 Way Cassette Fan Coil

Model: KP-34,KP-51,KP-68
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 1.98,2.98,3.68
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 2.98,4.8,5.48
Airflow (m³/h): 340,510,680
Power Input (W): 34,50,58
Current (A): 0.151,0.225,0.258
Noise dB (A): 35,35,37
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or remote controller
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4″
Drain pipe:  Male thread 26mm
Weight (kg): 21,22,23

Standard configuration card fan coil unit-yesncer
4 Way Cassette Fan Coil

Model: KP-85,KP-102,KP-136
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 4.98,5.58,7.20
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 7.2,8.18,10.8
Airflow (m³/h): 850,1020,1360
Power Input (W): 72,92,126
Current (A): 0.32,0.385,0.561
Noise dB (A): 39,40,41
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or remote controller
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4″
Drain pipe:  Male thread 26mm
Weight (kg): 30.5,31,31.5

Standard configuration card fan coil unit-YESNCER (2)
4 Way Cassette Fan Coil

Model: KP-170,KP-204,KP-238
Cooling Ca. (kw)(Water in 7℃): 9.9,10.8,12.6
Heating Ca. (kw)(Water in 60℃): 14.5,16.2,18.2
Airflow (m³/h): 1700,2040,2380
Power Input (W): 128,152,198
Current (A): 0.547,0.547,0.882
Noise dB (A): 41,43,44
Static pressure (Pa): 12
Power Supply: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz
Control way: Wired or remote controller
Water pipe for in/out: ZG3/4″
Drain pipe:  Male thread 26mm
Weight (kg): 38.5,39.5,40.5

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Details Reflect Quality

For 35 years, YESNCER has been a stalwart in the HVAC industry. We firmly believe that exceptional product quality shines through meticulous attention to every detail. Our dedication is to create a globally renowned brand for fan coil units.

  • Comparison of the thickness of ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit and ordinary cassette fan coil unit

    ▪️ The ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit has a body thickness of 290mm.
    ▪️ The standard cassette fan coil unit has a body thickness of 390mm.
    ▪️ If the building has a significant height, the standard cassette fan coil unit is recommended. For limited building space, consider the ultra-thin cassette fan coil units.
    ▪️ The 100mm difference in body thickness can save valuable ceiling height, preventing excessive space usage and improving indoor comfort.

  • Cassette fan coil vortex wind wheel working principle
    Enhanced Details of ABS Blower Wheel

    ▪️  Material: The blower wheel is constructed with ABS material, reducing noise by 3-5 decibels compared to other materials.
    ▪️  Increased area of wind rotor fins, resulting in higher air volume.
    ▪️  Altered fin angle for smoother airflow and reduced wind resistance compared to older cassette fan coil units.
    ▪️  360° scroll design enables higher wind speed with longer wind distance.

  • Cassette fan coil controller details
    Enhanced Details of the Junction Box

    ▪️ Improved safety: The control system, previously located inside the machine, has been moved outside to mitigate risks. This prevents potential leaks in the water pan from causing short circuits on the circuit board, reducing the risk of fire or damage to the entire unit.
    ▪️ Convenient access: The top cover of the junction box can be easily opened, allowing users to check line connections and facilitate power supply repairs.
    ▪️ High-quality construction: The junction box is made from a galvanized sheet that is oil-free and free from imperfections.

  • The air outlet of the luxurious ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit is opened like this
    Enhanced Appearance of Cassette Fan Coil

    ▪️ Technical details: The old cassette fan coil body had four 90° right angles.
    ▪️ New upgrade: To prevent stress concentration and potential damage to the body, all four 90° right angles have been replaced with cut surfaces, eliminating stress concentration in the sheet metal structure.
    ▪️ Air inlet grille upgrade: The old air inlet grille had one fixed side and three movable sides.
    ▪️ New upgrade: The new cassette fan coil unit features a removable air inlet grille, allowing easy cleaning of the filter screen and inspection of the machine’s interior.
    ▪️ The new card-type fan coil junction box is larger in size and has a thickness of 4.5cm. It is convenient to open for inspection and maintenance purposes.

  • The inside of the cassette fan coil motor is a pure copper motor
    Internal Pure Copper DC Brushless Motor

    ▪️ Whisper-quiet Operation: 20% less noise compared to AC motors.
    ▪️ Higher Cost: DC brushless motors are 150% more expensive than AC motors.
    ▪️ Energy-efficient: DC brushless motors consume 70% less power than AC motors for low-grade motors, 50% less for mid-range motors, and 35% less for high-end motors, all while maintaining the same speed.
    ▪️ Extended Lifespan: DC brushless motors feature electronic commutation control, reducing internal component wear and increasing their overall service life.
    ▪️ Enhanced Comfort: DC brushless fan coils are designed to accommodate various static pressure conditions. They intelligently adjust static pressure and airflow volume to achieve optimal energy efficiency, air supply requirements, and airflow organization.

  • Widen the air outlet, long air supply distance
    ABS Injection Panel

    ▪️ Durable ABS Material Panel: The cassette fan coil unit is constructed using high-quality ABS material, ensuring that the panel remains free from deformation, condensation, and distortion.
    ▪️ Seamless Injection Molding: The panel is seamlessly molded through injection molding, replacing the previous splicing process. This one-piece molding guarantees that the fan coil panel remains unaffected by complex usage environments, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics for customers.
    ▪️ Enhanced Air Outlet: The air outlet width has been increased by 10mm, resulting in greater air volume and an extended air supply distance.
    ▪️ Upgraded Wind Deflector: The injection molding of the wind deflector has been modified to achieve a smoother and more evenly distributed airflow indoors.

  • Cassette fan coil unit surface cooler, wind wheel, controller and other important components detail diagram
    Enhanced Internal Accessories Details of Cassette Fan Coil

    ▪️ Improved DC Brushless Water Pump: 10-20% quieter than the AC lifting pump, with a service life of over 3 years.
    ▪️ Enhanced Evaporator Coil for Cassette Fan Coil: Increased size allows for faster transmission of cooling capacity and heats into the room. Compared to older cassette fan coil models, it offers a 10% increase in utilization rate, improving customer satisfaction and energy efficiency.
    ▪️ Upgraded Machine Sheet Metal: All sheet metal components are made of oil-free and dust-free hot-dip galvanized sheet with a zinc content of up to 35g/m2. This material is resistant to corrosion, easy to clean, and highly durable. The embedded air conditioner is formed in one piece, with improved strength and appearance through rib technology. The one-stop production process strengthens the sheet metal thickness.

  • Cassette fan coil unit appearance details
    Enhanced Details of 4-Way Cassette Fan Coil

    ▪️ The Latest Upgraded Model: What you see is the newest 4-way cassette fan coil unit of 2023, featuring all the advantages we mentioned earlier.
    ▪️ Popular Choice: The cassette fan coil units have gained popularity among engineering customers, distributors, and HVAC designers. This product has consistently performed well for years.
    ▪️ Sleek and Stylish Design: As you can see, this product boasts a sleek and elegant appearance, making it the top choice for large buildings such as libraries, museums, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, and hospitals.
    ▪️ Air inlet and outlet are positioned on the panel. The central square grille serves as the air inlet, while the four strips surrounding the panel function as the air outlets. The airflow from this unit doesn’t blow directly downward. Users will experience comfort without feeling the direct air.

  • Enhanced Insulation Material

    ▪️ Enhanced Insulation Material: The interior of the cassette fan coil unit is fully covered with polyurethane insulation material.
    ▪️ Coated Insulation Surface: The insulation material shown in the picture is coated with hydraulic material. This coating treatment offers two benefits: improved surface hardness to prevent damage and protection against contact with humid air and harmful substances, offering corrosion resistance, moisture-proofing, and deformation prevention.
    ▪️ Integrated Drag Tray: The drag tray is made from the same material as the internal insulation material of the machine and is injection molded as a single unit.
    ▪️ Improved Condensate Management: The condensate drag tray is treated with this technology, extending the machine’s lifespan and enhancing the customer’s experience. It effectively prevents condensed water from dripping into the machine.

More Types Cassette Fan Coil

  • Freon Cassette Air Conditioner
    Cassette Electric Air Conditioner

    ▪️ Similarities between Cassette Air Conditioners and Cassette Fan Coil Units: 1. They have a similar appearance. 2. The air outlet method is similar.
    ▪️ The main difference between Cassette Air Conditioners and Cassette Fan Coil Units lies in their working principle.
    ▪️ Cassette Fan Coil Unit: Heating and cooling are achieved through the water source in the copper tubes inside the surface cooler, dissipating temperature into the room through the fins to improve indoor conditions.
    ▪️ Cassette Air Conditioner: Heating and cooling are provided by Freon compressors.
    ▪️ Cassette Air Conditioners are ready to use upon plugging in.
    ▪️ The electricity cost of using a cassette electric air conditioner is relatively high.

  • Freon Cassette Air Conditioning Fan Coil Installation Effect Drawing
    German Construction Site for 4-Way Box Fan Coil Units

    ▪️ On-site construction of box fan coil units in Germany, captured on camera.
    ▪️ Unlike box air conditioners, the panels of cassette fan coil units are different. The air outlets are positioned around the edges of the panel.
    ▪️ Box fan coil units: The temperature of the water source is adjusted by the heat pump in the main unit, providing users with a comfortable experience like a gentle spring breeze. It prevents dryness in winter and avoids overheating in summer.
    ▪️ The installation of box fan coil units is straightforward and convenient.
    ▪️ Box fan coils do not require the installation of air inlet ducts and return air ducts.
    ▪️ This saves significant construction costs and reduces construction time.

  • 1-way-Cassette-fan-coil-unit
    1-Way Box Fan Coil Unit

    ▪️ The defining characteristic of this fan coil unit is its single air outlet, just as the name suggests – a 1-Way cassette fan coil unit.
    ▪️ This fan coil unit is designed for relatively small indoor spaces where cooling or heating air needs to be directed to a specific location.
    ▪️ The body of the 1-Way box fan coil unit is rectangular in shape, with different models varying in thickness.
    ▪️ It is available in both standard and luxury models, with the luxury version equipped with a lift pump.
    ▪️ Compared to the 4-Way box fan coil unit, this fan coil unit has a 70% reduced airflow volume.
    ▪️ This fan coil unit is suitable only for specific indoor environments.

  • 2-way-Cassette-fan-coil-unit
    2-Way Box Fan Coil Unit

    ▪️ The 2-Way box fan coil unit is very similar to the 1-Way Cassette Fan Coil.
    ▪️ The main difference between these two fan coil units is the number of air outlets.
    ▪️ The 2-Way box fan coil unit has two air outlets.
    ▪️ This fan coil unit is suitable for narrow and elongated spaces like corridors, bathrooms, and stairwells.
    ▪️ The 2-Way box fan coil unit can discharge air in two opposite directions, increasing the coverage of airflow.
    ▪️ This fan coil unit is versatile and can be used in various settings such as toilets, washrooms, and cloakrooms.

  • 360° round cassette fan coil panel
    360° Round Cassette Fan Coil

    ▪️ 360° Circular Fan Coil Production Line.
    ▪️ This fan coil unit is designed with all-around features, including the body, evaporator coil, air inlet, and outlet.
    ▪️ It has a sleek appearance and lightweight design, catering to the demands of modern interior styling.
    ▪️ The circular fan coil unit emits air vertically downward, concentrating the airflow and covering a greater distance. It is ideal for spaces with high ceilings or areas with minimal movement.
    ▪️ Round fan coil units also offer the benefits of easy installation and convenient maintenance.

Factory Advantages

The real Chinese fan coil manufacturer
Strong Production Capacity


Production Line >200

Production Operators > 300

Technical R&D Personnel > 100

Different Type Laboratories > 10


A reliable long-term cooperative supplier of fan coil units
Reputable Manufacturer


35 Years In Business

Exporting Country > 28

Serving Customers > 6189

Cooperation customers >3 yrs


Can give you the ex-factory price, and get a more affordable fan coil ex-factory price
Give You The Best Competitive Price


No Middleman Markup

Your Sales Price Is Advantageous

Manufacturer’S Ex-Factory Price

Mass Customization Enjoy Discount



The design and development department will design fan coil products that are more suitable for your local sales according to your needs
You Can Reach Me Anytime


Product Lifetime Warranty

Product 3yrs Free Replacement

Watch Production Process Online

Go To Your Country On-Site Instruction


Remote Control Reception and Function Indicator Board

Remote Control Receiver: Receives instructions from the remote control. Please inform your customers to align the remote control transmitter with the receiver.

Buzzer: When the cassette fan coil unit is powered on and operated remotely, the buzzer will sound once to indicate each action received by the remote control receiver.

In case of a failure in the cassette fan coil unit, the intelligent identification system will automatically detect the type of failure and display a corresponding error code using a light display. For specific identification, please refer to the “Recognition and Treatment of Air Conditioner Failures” guide.

Note: Standard models do not have a remote control receiver function indicator.

Structure & Detailed Description of Cassette Fan Coil Panel Controller

Ultra-Thin Cassette Fan Coil Unit Saves Valuable Ceiling Space

Ceiling layer: 430mm

The luxury cassette fan coil unit is only 290mm thick (compared to the ordinary type, which is 390mm).

The luxury model comes with a built-in condensate pump as a standard feature. Additionally, the indoor unit body has a built-in water pump that can be installed flexibly.

This allows for raising the condensate water up to 1200mm above the ceiling, making it easier to install the drain pipe and greatly improving drainage efficiency.

Condensate Pipe Connection Method

Attach one end of the drain hose to the body’s water outlet and the other end to the Ф20 rigid PVC pipe.
Ensure that the drain pipe is inclined downwards with a slope of at least 1/100.
Purchase a separate insulation pipe sleeve to wrap around the rigid PVC pipe to prevent condensation on its surface.
Make sure to tighten the joints securely to prevent any water leakage.

Connection Method Of Condensate Pipe

4-Way Cassette Fan Coil Sales Remain High

This fan coil unit is the top pick for upscale building renovations. It has garnered great enthusiasm from engineering project clients, distributors, and individual construction projects.

The cassette fan coil unit is a type of surface-mounted unit. It can be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling, saving space, and ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

Designed for large spaces, this unit boasts high power, allowing for quick adjustment of indoor temperature. Users can experience comfort in no time.

Ordinary lift pump (39.2dB) DC brushless lift pump (23.6dB)
Common auditory classifications for the average person:
0-20dB: Sound of leaves
20-30dB: Whispering
30-40dB: Library reading
50dB: Disturbs rest and sleep

The luxury cassette fan coil unit utilizes a DC brushless lift pump for draining condensed water from the tray, resulting in lower overall noise during operation. The standard cassette fan coil unit, on the other hand, does not include a lift pump and instead employs a self-drainage method to discharge condensed water.

Testing the noise of different types of cassette fan coil units in the laboratory


The 2023 Baoding Yuexin Cooling & Warming Shanghai Exhibition will end, and we look forward to meeting in Beijing in 2024--YESNCER
360°Circular Fan Coil Production Line
Cassette fan coil production workshop
Custom Cassette Fan Coils for Australian Customers Waiting for Shipment

YESNCER is a reputable Chinese manufacturer of fan coil units, boasting 35 years of industry experience.

When it comes to cassette fan coil units, our production technology surpasses that of other types of fan coil units. Our factory’s greatest advantage lies in our OEM&ODM capabilities.

With three production lines dedicated to cassette fan coil units, we can quickly mass-produce them. Our clientele includes major customers such as engineering firms, project developers, HVAC engineering designers, and dealers.

We have received positive sales and customer feedback for our cassette fan coil units.

Our cassette fan coil units come with a 3-year guarantee. If any quality issues arise during normal usage, leading to a failure, we will provide a full refund and issue a replacement unit.

To ensure product quality, each cassette fan coil undergoes a rigorous 236-point quality inspection process before leaving the factory.

Every year, YESNCER actively participates in various exhibitions. In 2023, some of our colleagues will attend the refrigeration exhibition in Shanghai. In 2024, we plan to participate in the Refrigeration Exhibition in Beijing.

We look forward to welcoming you to China, where you can visit our factory, and indulge in fine wine and local cuisine.

Large Project Case

A Large Parking Lot Building In Austria

An expansive parking lot building in Austria acquired surface-mounted fan coil units to regulate the temperature within the parking area. Since the construction of the parking lot building was already completed in 2020, the installation of fan coil units was done without altering the building’s original structure. Engineers assisted the customers in designing five different plans and recommended various exposed fan coil units for compatibility. Ultimately, the customer opted for cassette fan coil units.

20,000 Square Meters Large Shopping Mall In Switzerland

A spacious shopping mall spanning 20,000 square meters in Switzerland has selected our cassette fan coil units to regulate the indoor temperature.
In 2021, the customer approached us with architectural drawings, seeking assistance in integrating the main unit and fan coil units into a cohesive system.
The project commenced construction in 2022 and opted for the ultra-thin luxury cassette fan coil units.

A Large Hospital Project In Mexico

During the early preparations for a significant hospital construction project in Mexico, we were approached to assist in selecting cassette fan coil units.

  1. The building’s floor height is 3 meters, providing ample space.
  2. Since it’s a hospital, individual temperature control for each unit is not necessary. Instead, centralized control is preferred to maintain uniform floor temperature. Taking these factors into consideration, we recommended standard cassette fan coil units to help the customer reduce construction costs.
Rwanda Tourist Attraction Surrounding Hotel Project

Our company’s ultra-thin cassette fan coil units are widely utilized by hotels near tourist attractions in Rwanda. To optimize indoor ceiling space, we recommend the use of our ultra-thin cassette fan coil units, especially in buildings with low floors. Indoor spaces such as corridors, elevator rooms, the first-floor lobby, and restaurants are equipped with ultra-thin cassette fan coil units. Additionally, horizontal concealed fan coil units are also employed.

China Cassette Fan Coil Unit Manufacturer.-YESNCER
  • I have partnered with YESNCER to customize cassette fan coil units on four occasions. Our first collaboration took place three years ago. YESNCER provided me with a sample of an ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit, and the test results were highly satisfactory.

    The cooperation has been delightful, and we now customize 3,000 units every March.

  • I am a Hungarian engineering contractor who has been using YESNCER’s cassette fan coil units and floor fan coil units in recent years.

    This year, I customized a 1500KW main unit. In 2022, I had the opportunity to visit the YESNCER factory, explore their production line, and enjoy delicious food. I’m excited to meet again in 2024.

  • During the China Exhibition in April 2023, I had the pleasure of meeting YESNCER in Shanghai. I was highly impressed by their ultra-thin cassette fan coil unit. On April 25th, I had the opportunity to visit YESNCER’s production workshop, R&D technology department, and laboratory.

    In the reception room for foreign guests at YESNCER, we signed a contract for 2,000 units and placed a deposit. Now that I have returned to China, I have received 1,000 cassette fan coil units and eagerly await the arrival of the remaining 1,000 machines.


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Samples and test data are available at no cost.

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