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YESNCER Was Established In 1986



  • Air-cooled-constant-temperature-and-humidity-Air-Handling-Unit
  • Ceiling Air Handling Unit with Filtration
  • Heat pump Air Handling Unit all-in-one
  • Double jet port ceiling Air Handling Unit
  • Air-cooled-constant-temperature-and-humidity-Air-Handling-Unit
  • Ceiling Air Handling Unit with Filtration
  • Heat pump Air Handling Unit all-in-one
  • Double jet port ceiling Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Unit Factory

  • OEM&ODM Services
  • Supplying Air Handling Units Tailored To Diverse Usage Scenarios
  • Annual Production Capacity Of 2000 Units, Ensuring Swift Delivery
  • The Air Handling Unit Selection Software: Assists You And Your Clients In Swiftly Identifying The Most Suitable Model For The Air Handling Unit
  • Get Meticulously Crafted Cad Construction Drawings: Courtesy Of A Technical Team Boasting Over Two Decades Of Expertise In Air Handling Unit Research And Design

YESNCER Advantages of Being an Air Handling Unit Manufacturer

1、YESNCER Commitment:

  • You will receive the manufacturer’s price for the air handling unit
  • You will receive products with a high level of cost performance and quality
  • Both you and your customers will be granted a 5-year warranty
  • You and your customers will have access to lifelong free servicing of the product
  • We ensure feedback within 30 minutes, provide solutions within 1 hour, and guide you through the entire troubleshooting process within 24 hours. In cases requiring technical expertise, our skilled YESNCER team can be on-site within 7 days to assist in resolving the matter.

2、Robust Research and Development Capabilities:
With over two decades of experience in the research, development, and design of air handling units, fan coils, and main units, we possess professional Air Handling Unit Selection Software.

3、Commitment to Quality Assurance:
We subject all critical components to 100% incoming inspection, alongside comprehensive product safety testing.
Quality Stands As The Life Force Of Our Existence. Our commitment to professional, efficient, and meticulous service is a pursuit that knows no end.

4、Timely Delivery:
Adopting an advanced ERP management system can be swiftly delivered in a short timeframe.

5、Possessing An Array Of In-House Production And Inspection Equipment:

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery:
    CNC turret punch press, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, and more.
  • Coil Manufacturing Machinery:
    High-speed punching machine, tube expanding machine, tube bending machine, copper tube straightening and cutting machine, and more.
  • Panel Production Machinery:
    Sheet metal flattening machine, high-pressure foaming machine, laminating machine, and more.
  • Assembly lines:
    Wind disk assembly line, air handling unit assembly line, and more.

6、Testing Equipment:
Differential melting point test chamber, electrical safety monitoring equipment, air volume test bench for air handling unit, coil voltage withstand testing equipment, and more.

7、Our Business Ethos:
Integrity, Professionalism, Responsibility

Commercial Air Handling Units

The commercial air handling unit is characterized by its intricate structure, incorporating multiple functional sections that facilitate a comprehensive range of air treatment functions.

These functions encompass cooling, heating, humidification, noise reduction, sterilization, and dehumidification.

The air volume capacity for the combined air handling unit spans from 3000 to 300,000m3/h, offering versatile solutions.

Combined Central Air Handling Unit
Combined Central Air Handling Unit
Combined Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit
Plant Cooling Air Handling Unit
Direct Expansion Air Handling Unit
Food Workshop Constant Temperature And Humidity Air Handling Unit
Small Commercial Vertical Combined Air Handling Unit
Constant Temperature And Humidity Air Handling Unit For Computer Room
Customized combined Air Handling Unit
Fresh Air Heat Recovery Integrated Air Handling Unit
Combined constant temperature and humidity Air Handling Unit
Combined constant temperature and humidity Air Handling Unit
Direct Expansion Fresh Air Handling Unit
Purification Type Constant Temperature And Humidity Air Handling Unit
15 Products Found.

Ceiling Air Handling Unit

This system offers the advantages of a compact structure, lightweight design, user-friendly operation, and straightforward maintenance.

The air volume range for the ceiling air handling unit spans from 1500 to 15000m3/h.

Vertical and Horizontal Air Handling Unit

These air handling units have air volume capacities ranging from 3000 to 40000m3/h, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with bidirectional ventilation capabilities.

Additionally, they feature an integrated fresh air filtration system, which effectively purifies the air.

These vertical and horizontal air handling units excel in terms of heat exchange efficiency, ensuring remarkable energy efficiency and cost savings.

Customization & Productivity

Customized service
Customized Service
Super Productivity
Super Productivity
customized product
Custom Function
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Quick Response
Technical Support
Reputable Manufacturer
Give You The Best Competitive Price

Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Assembly Line

YESNCER offers OEM & ODM air handling unit services to its customers.

Within the air handling unit production workshop, production sequencing is organized based on each customer’s order time to prevent any overlap between different customers’ orders and minimize errors.

While producing this particular batch of products, the machining and accessories department has already commenced preparations for the product accessories required for the next customer’s order.

Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Assembly Line
Ceiling Type Fresh Air Air Handling Unit Production Workshop

Ceiling Type Fresh Air Air Handling Unit Production Workshop

Scope of Application: Suitable for environments demanding high quality, including luxury villas, upscale office buildings, laboratories, and other indoor spaces.

Product Performance:

Achieves efficient heat recovery efficiency, approaching 95%, to deliver optimal indoor air quality while minimizing energy consumption.
Adaptable to various air exchange volumes, the variable speed control system and bypass function enable the introduction of fresh outdoor air according to specific requirements, optimizing energy efficiency.
Equipped with a humidity regulator that automatically adjusts operation based on air and ambient humidity changes, ensuring optimal comfort.

Air Handling Unit manufacturers customize ceiling-mounted Air Handling Units for customers

We have adopted a patented composite plate-and-frame design for our air-conditioning unit, featuring integrated composite columns and a distinctive panel structure.

This design incorporates embedded sealing and boasts notable characteristics, including high mechanical strength and minimal air leakage.

This rotary air handling unit is suitable for general air supply requirements and offers functions for heat and humidity treatment, mixed air handling, and energy conservation. Its vertical arrangement simplifies functionality and results in a compact structure.

Air Handling Unit manufacturers customize ceiling-mounted Air Handling Units for customers
Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Customized Hospital Clean Air Handling Unit

Multi-Functional Combined Air Handling Unit

The combined air handling unit has a somewhat intricate structure, consisting mainly of sections for fresh air, return air, primary filtering, medium-effect filtering, cold water surface cooling, heating, humidification, electric heating, blower, and noise reduction.

These functional sections can be flexibly configured to fulfill specific needs for temperature, humidity, and high air quality.

Indoor And Outdoor Two-Way Ventilation Air Handling Unit

Bidirectional indoor and outdoor ventilation air handling unit, enhanced by fresh air filtration for effective air purification.

This system achieves high heat exchange efficiency, ensuring exceptional efficiency and energy savings.

Fresh air ventilator air volume range: 1500-8000m3/h.

Air Handling Unit production line with filtered fresh air heat exchange

Provide OEM&ODM Services

Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Production Line
Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Frame Fastening Link

The central air-conditioning system consists of a main unit, terminal equipment, and supporting devices. Terminal products include fan coil units, air handling units, combined air handling units, and fresh air ventilators. These terminal products are designed to distribute the cold and heat produced by the main unit to different areas of use.

For 36 years, YESNCER has been involved in the HVAC industry, primarily serving engineering clients, construction contractors, and major distributors. We offer all necessary certificates for HVAC products, operate 53 production workshops for 53 different types of products, boast a research and development team of 238 members, employ over 2,000 staff, and have exported our products to 158 countries. We’ve maintained partnerships with over 1,000 customers for more than 5 years, providing robust OEM and ODM technical support.

As a Chinese air-handling unit manufacturer, YESNCER specializes in crafting tailored air-handling unit products for various applications. These include theaters, hotels, office buildings, the machinery manufacturing sector, the electronics industry, the chemical industry, shopping malls, exhibitions, diverse workshop environments, the food industry, the medical sector, clean rooms, and other industries. Our products cater to distinct temperature and humidity requirements in different air conditioning scenarios.

YESNCER's Seven Quality Control System

Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Quality Inspection Site
R&D Design Team Air Handling Unit Design

YESNCER ensures that every air handling unit that leaves the factory must meet our factory’s quality standards and specifications.
Every air handling unit, whether it is a standard product or a customized product, has passed through the company’s seven core systems:

  • Supply System
  • Key Parameter Production Process Control System
  • Storage System
  • Packaging System
  • Quality Control System
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection System
  • After-Sales System
Control System for Key Parameters in the Production Process

Air handling unit manufacturer strict quality control, 238 quality inspection links.

The process control system of key parameters in the manufacture of air handling units is designed to:

Ensure meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict measurement standards at every stage of production.

This includes precise sheet metal processing procedures, component assembly, random sampling inspections, and even specific requirements for screw fastening.

Believe That Your Customers Will Fall In Love With This Stylish Hydronic Fan Coil Unit

Air Handling Unit Assembly Line & Laboratory
Frame Constructed From High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Profiles

Key Features:

The frame is crafted from special high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, with each frame corner employing specialized castings designed for structural strength. The profiles and corners are interconnected using plug-in structures.

The flexible structural assembly facilitates easy on-site disassembly, and maintenance, and ensures a long service life.

Notable mechanical strength, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, aesthetically pleasing design, and precise dimensions complete the package.

Advantages of details of ceiling-mounted Air Handling Unit with jet outlet
Advantages Of Details Of Ceiling-Mounted Air Handling Unit With Jet Outlet

The air handling units manufactured by YESNCER, an air handling unit manufacturer, are equipped with a silencer featuring a 1mm-thick metal plate, a perforation rate ranging from 1% to 3%, and holes with a diameter of less than 1mm.

This configuration is ideal for environments with stringent noise requirements, such as hospitals, schools, libraries, and similar settings.

Air Handling Unit Laboratory
Air Handling Unit Laboratory

Accessories must undergo laboratory testing, and the data will only be used in production if it conforms to international standards and requirements.

We have established a comprehensive production system and a rigorous quality inspection system. Equipped with advanced production machinery, we can efficiently deliver products within a short timeframe.

Air Handling Unit Sheet Metal Processing Workshop
Air Handling Unit Sheet Metal Processing Workshop

YESNCER, as a Chinese air handling unit manufacturer, boasts extensive experience in the research and production of air handling units.

Our air handling units feature a 30mm-thick polystyrene color steel plate:

Inner wall plate thickness: δ≥0.5mm
Outer wall thickness: δ≥0.5mm

The 30mm-thick polystyrene insulation material within the unit provides excellent insulation properties. The double-layer panels offer high structural strength, ensuring a flat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Fresh Air Heat Exchange Air Handling Unit Production Line
Fresh Air Heat Exchange Air Handling Unit Production Line

The air handling unit employs double-sided insulated enclosure panels.

The exterior panels consist of colored galvanized steel sheets, while the interior panels can be chosen from colored galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets, depending on user preferences.

The insulation layer is directly foamed with rigid polyurethane (PU), measuring 50mm in thickness.

The air handling unit box panels incorporate patented anti-cold bridge technology.

Multifunctional section Air Handling Unit production line
Multifunctional Section Air Handling Unit Production Line

The circulation unit uses a disposable plate or bag filter (G4) as its primary filter.

For the primary filter of the fresh air unit, we recommend a washable plate filter (G4).

The unit employs a two-stage filtration system, combining primary and medium-efficiency filters.

The medium-efficiency filter utilizes a bag filter (F8).

The filter housing frame is constructed from an aluminum alloy unit, ensuring a secure seal and easy disassembly and reassembly.

The frame structure of the Air Handling Unit is stronger and does not deform
The Frame Structure Of The Air Handling Unit Is Stronger And Does Not Deform

Frame: aluminum alloy profile and tee
Polystyrene color steel plate
Thickness: 3cm, 5cm, 7cm
Sheet metal structure:
Our ceiling units are commonly used: 3cm thick polystyrene color steel plate
Polyurethane foam color steel plate
Thickness: 3cm, 5cm, 7cm

Air Handling Unit Manufacturerproduction Workshop
Payment method


Shipping method

By Sea, By Air, By Express Delivery, By Railway, and By Land.

Suggestions to save you shipping costs:

By Sea
Bulk goods are transported by the sea at a low cost usually.

By Express Delivery
If hurry or samples, we can also send them to you by air at an extra cost.

What data parameters do you need to provide to customize the air handling unit? How does the customization process work?

1. Determine the form of the unit structure
According to HVAC drawings and requirements: ceiling type, horizontal type, vertical type, combined type, heat recovery type

2. Determine the working condition parameters of the unit
According to design requirements: return air handling unit, fresh air handling unit cold heat, wind pressure, electric power, etc.

3. Determine the air handling unit functional segment requirements
According to design requirements: air quality requirements such as unit heating, humidification, sterilization, filtration, and noise reduction

4. Determine the specifications of the core components of the air handling unit
Determine the unit heat exchanger material, tube row number, resistance fan type, electric power, etc.

5. Determine the specific parameters of the air handling unit
According to HVAC drawing requirements:
Unit Dimensions
Unit air inlet and outlet position
Unit left and right

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