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China Air Curtain Supplier

YESNCER has been manufacturing air curtains for 12 years and possesses extensive experience in research and development as well as production.

The door air curtain comes with a 3-year and lifetime warranty for free accessories.

I offer OEM&ODM services to cater to your specific needs.

The door air curtain produced by YESNCER can be fully customized. Depending on your engineering projects and your customers’ architectural requirements, you can tailor air curtain products with various shapes, colors, and functions.

YESNCER stands as a true Chinese air curtain manufacturer and is distinct from traditional air curtain manufacturers. My air curtain incorporates automatic control, enabling the effective dispersion of cold and hot air within a building, ultimately achieving intelligent environmental protection and energy efficiency.

My production process involves 238 meticulous quality inspection procedures. Our quality control department rigorously examines each product at every stage, and even the secure fastening of each screw falls within the purview of our quality checks.

As a trustworthy door air curtain manufacturer, place your confidence in YESNCER’s production capabilities. You will receive the best competitive product prices and the highest quality products.

Air Curtain Manufacturer Offers OEM&ODM Services

Air Curtain

Effective Installation Height: 2.0m-3.0m

Power: 95W-300W

Air Volume Range: 900m³/h-4200m³/h

Wind Speed: 11m/s

Noise: 49dB-56dB

Net Weight: 5.0kg-14KG

Size: (600-2000)*150*185mm

Air curtain machine can be controlled by remote control

Effective Installation Height: 2.5m-3.5m

Power: 120W-320W

Air Volume Range: 1800m³/h-4200m³/h

Wind Speed: 11m/s

Noise: 50dB-54dB

Net Weight: 11kg-22KG

Size: (900-2000)*180*210mm

plumbing air curtain machine
Water Curtain Air Curtain

Effective Installation Height: 2.5 m – 3.0 m

Power: 220W – 300W

Air Volume Range: 1500m³/h – 4800m³/h

Wind Speed: 11- 13m/s

Noise: 55dB – 59dB

Net Weight: 15kg – 34KG

Size: (900-1800)*(280-380)*(280-290)mm

X5 centrifugal air curtain machine

Effective Installation Height: 3.5m – 5m

Power: 235W – 540W

Air Volume Range: 1260m³/h – 3300m³/h

Wind Speed: 17 – 21m/s

Noise: 50dB – 60dB

Net Weight: 12.5KG – 27.5KG

Size: (900-2000)*225*235mm

Aluminum Alloy Air Curtain Machine
Aluminum Alloy Air Curtain

Effective Installation Height: 2.5m – 3m

Motor Power: 150W – 250W

PTC Power: 10000W – 20000W

Air Volume Range: 950m³/h – 2000m³/h

Wind Speed: 6.5 – 7.5m/s

Noise: 54dB – 57dB

Net Weight: 16.5KG – 31.5KG

Size: (900-1800)170250mm

industrial super large air volume air curtain machine
Industrial Super Large Air Volume Air Curtain

Effective Installation Height: 6.0m – 8.0m

Power: 550W – 3300W

Air Volume Range: 2400m³/h – 9200m³/h

Wind Speed: 24 – 28m/s

Noise: 61dB – 72dB

Net Weight: 22.0kg – 69.0KG

Dimensions: (900-2000)*280*(305-355)mm

YESNCER ceiling centrifugal air curtain machine
Ceiling Centrifugal Air Curtain

Effective installation height: 3.5m-5.0m

Power: 235W-540W

Air volume range: 1260m³/h-3300m³/h

Wind speed: 17-21m/s

Noise: 50dB-60dB

Net weight: 16.0kg-30.0KG

Size: (900-2000)*225*290mm

cold storage door air curtain machine
Cold Storage Door Air Curtain

Effective installation height: 2.5m-3.0m

Power: 700W-1100W

Air volume range: 1200m³/h-2200m³/h

Wind speed: 17m/s

Noise: 67dB-72dB

Net weight: 24.0kg-39.5KG

Size: (1206-2406)*212*380mm

high power electric heating air curtain machine series
High Power Electric Heating Air Curtain

Effective installation height: 2.5m-3.0m

Motor power: 150W-170W

PTC power: 6000W-20000W

Air volume range: 950m³/h-2000m³/h

Wind speed: 6-7m/s

Noise: 54dB-57dB

Net weight: 11.5kg-20.0KG

Size: (900-1800)*190*240mm

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Production Workshop of Air Curtain Manufacturer

As a Chinese air curtain manufacturer, YESNCER guarantees the following points:

1.   My factory has a robust production capacity, enabling the delivery of 2000 air curtain machines within 3 days.

2.   I can provide highly professional OEM & ODM services for your engineering projects and your customers.

3.   YESNCER offers highly competitive prices, with additional discounts available for bulk purchases.

4.   The quality of my air curtain products will exceed your expectations.

5.   We have a strong R&D team, with annual investment in R&D design accounting for 60% of the total investment. Our air curtain products undergo continuous upgrades to enhance product quality, making them more compatible with the style of modern architecture and the increasing usage requirements.

6.   As an air curtain manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with robust technical support. Cater to the bulk purchase needs of numerous engineering and dealer customers.

  • Air Curtain Assembly Site

    In the air curtain manufacturer’s assembly workshop, there are strict criteria for selecting raw material suppliers. YESNCER follows the following criteria when choosing raw material suppliers:

    1. Raw materials must meet various standards.
    2. Raw material manufacturers should have a good reputation.
    3. Ensure stable raw material quality.
  • YESNCER Air Curtain Production Workshop
    Air Curtain Manufacturers In China

    YESNCER, as an air curtain manufacturer, possesses OEM&ODM capabilities.

    With 12 years of experience in air curtain production, we are well-equipped to address a wide range of air curtain-related issues on your behalf.

    Our expertise enables us to offer comprehensive door air curtain construction plans tailored to your needs.

  • Sheet-metal-processing-site
    Custom samples for Australian customer

    YESNCER customizes door air curtain samples for clients, specifically catering to the requirements of an Australian construction project.

    Our company provides a holistic solution to align door air curtains with customer needs. The client’s satisfaction with the proposal is apparent; our R&D and production teams worked together to create a user-friendly sample list for data testing.

    In May 2022, the customer customized 5,000-door air curtains.

  • Delivery-of-horizontal-fan-coil-units-to-American-customers
    Stock Of Standard Products Is Sufficient and The Order Can Be Shipped On The Same Day

    YESNCER’s storage warehouse spans around 4,000 square meters, maintaining a substantial long-term inventory of at least 20,000 units to facilitate smooth product circulation.

    For standard products, we offer a “same-day order and shipment” service, ensuring prompt delivery to your local area.

    For customized products, the production cycle typically takes about 15-20 days.

  • YESNCER production workshop
    YESNCER Air Curtain Production Workshop

    YESNCER’s air curtain production workshop is dedicated to enhancing both production efficiency and the effectiveness of quality inspection and testing.

    Every YESNCER product undergoes the complete production, packaging, storage, and loading processes within this workshop.

    To avoid any confusion with customer orders, all requests are fulfilled sequentially based on the date of the factory order issuance.

  • YESNCER Air Curtain Manufacturer Production Line
    Air Curtain Product Testing Criteria

    YESNCER’s air curtain testing standards are exceedingly rigorous.

    Every air curtain machine undergoes these inspection standards prior to departure from the factory, and only those with satisfactory inspection data are packaged and shipped.

    The testing encompasses low-voltage start-up operation, electrical strength, leakage current, insulation resistance, air volume, and input power.

  • mold-processing-site
    Standard Process For Producing Air Curtain Sample Machine

    YESNCER’s R&D and production departments are collaborating to develop appropriate customized solutions for customers.
    The process for customizing air curtain machines is as follows:

    1. Gain an understanding of the usage requirements for engineering buildings
    2. The technical department creates CAD drawings
    3. The production department manufactures samples based on the drawings
    4. Conduct laboratory testing on the sample data
    5. Arrange immediate shipping
  • YESNCER delivery site
    Air Curtain Delivery Service

    We offer essential air curtain machines and prototypes as per customer requirements. To ensure the safety of the air curtain machines during international long-distance transportation, we have implemented extensive protective measures, including Enhanced packaging

    1. Construction of wooden frames and supports
    2. Double layers of bubble film and bubble wrap for comprehensive protection
    3. Packaging in a 5-layer corrugated cardboard box, among other measures
    4. Customers have provided feedback that the product packaging is exceptionally sturdy, resulting in intact products upon delivery
  • Sheet-metal-cutting-site
    Cutting Sheet Metal Requirements

    During the production of the air curtain machine, a random inspection of cut sheet metal parts should be conducted at a ratio of 2/50.

    This involves measuring the length, width, sheet metal thickness, and hole position distribution against the drawing for the first completed air curtain machine to ensure it meets technical requirements.

    Furthermore, it is essential to examine the cut parts of the air curtain machine’s sheet metal for smoothness, absence of burrs, welding slag, or other irregularities. The surface of the raw materials used for the door air curtain must exhibit no abnormalities like oil stains, rust, uneven galvanizing, scratches, or dents.

  • Digital automatic cutting machine-YESNCER
    Advanced Imported Laser-Cutting Equipment

    Utilizing imported laser cutting equipment, we employ oil-free, scale-free, and rust-resistant sheet metal to achieve impeccably smooth, flat, and burr-free edges.

    This process ensures a superior cutting outcome with precise laser alignment and high accuracy.

    Additionally, the shape and design of the air curtain machine’s outer casing sheet metal can be tailored to match the customer’s engineering and architectural aesthetic.

  • YESNCER delivery site-
    YESNCER Air Curtain Product Quality Assurance System

    In appreciation of your confidence, I offer not only quality-assured products but also a comprehensive array of services.

    This encompasses selecting premium raw materials, overseeing production quality checks, managing packaging and transportation, addressing post-sales product usage concerns, offering tailored solutions for engineering and construction needs, supplying installation videos for your clients, and providing optimal usage and maintenance guidance.

    You’ll benefit from the culmination of our 12-year experience, encompassing our crafted products and expert services.

  • Wall-mounted fan coil unit export certificate
    Air Curtain Manufacturer Export Certificate

    We have passed the CRAA and CCC certificate issued by the country’s highest authoritative testing organization.

    Also passed the quality management system certification ISO9001, environmental management certification system ISO14001, occupational health and safety management system certification ISO45001.

    Our products are also in line with EU production standards, have obtained CE certificates, and have passed the test certificate of the German authoritative testing organization TUV.

3 Years Warranty
326 strict quality inspection processes
238 Quality Inspection Processes
YESNCER air curtain manufacturer provides OEM&ODM
Provide OEM&ODM Service
Support factory inspection
Support Factory Inspection

YESNCER Committed To Door Air Curtain Ongoing Enhancement Of Quality

YESNCER has been involved in door air curtain manufacturing for 12 years.

Product improvement and research and development are of great importance to YESNCER.

The R&D department receives 60% of the total investment, highlighting the company’s commitment to quality and customer experience.

Product quality assurance stems from continuous product enhancement by the R&D department and ongoing updates and iterations of production equipment.

YESNCER spares no expense in updating and iterating production equipment.

Advanced production equipment for door air curtains ensures product quality and output while maintaining precision in raw material processing.

This guarantees stable door air curtain quality and reduces the rate of defective products.

air curtain machine manufacturer production process
YESNCER air curtain machine manufacturer production process

Door Air Curtain Has Gone Through 238 Quality Inspection Processe

The Air Curtain has undergone 238 stringent quality inspection procedures, with all criteria meeting the standards. Defective products constitute less than 1% of the batch before they are allowed to leave the factory.

The QC quality inspection system is primarily divided into three key segments:
1. Inspection of raw materials
2. Inspection during the production process
3. Inspection of finished products

How does the QC quality inspection system ensure the pass rate of the three major plate inspections:
1. Rich experience and strict QC quality inspector
2. QC quality inspection equipment is complete
3. QC quality inspection management regulations

Standard for Raw Material Selection System

YESNCER demonstrates meticulous craftsmanship in every stage of door air curtain production.
Given the air curtain’s prolonged exposure to air and contact with water or other elements, it’s susceptible to corrosion of its sheet metal structure.
To counter this, YESNCER opts for galvanized sheet baking paint, which offers greater durability compared to iron sheet baking paint.

The YESNCER door air curtain utilizes the galvanized sheet baking paint process. The sheet metal raw materials are composed of galvanized sheets, which incur a cost three times that of conventional steel sheets in the market.

Nevertheless, as a reputable air curtain manufacturer based in China, YESNCER remains committed to producing only superior products and maintains stringent criteria for raw material selection, reflecting an elevated standard. Selecting premium raw materials is intrinsic to producing a top-tier air curtain product.

Standard for Raw Material Selection System
YESNCER air-curtain blowers

YESNCER Sufficient Stock Of Accessories and Raw Materials

YESNCER maintains ample stock of accessories and raw materials, enabling swift production in response to customer requirements and prompt shipment.

All incoming raw materials undergo the following steps:

  1. Thorough electronic categorization and labeling of approved raw materials
  2. Sorting and storage of labeled materials with serial numbers in dedicated warehouses
  3. Label scanning code verification for both incoming and outgoing goods
  4. Precise and detailed record of warehouse quantity, model, and category
  5. Clear identification labels for batch, model, and specifications
  6. Traceable query system

Door Air Curtain Suppliers Customize Products Suitable For Your Engineering Buildings

Provide OEM&ODM service.

Door Air Curtain suppliers tailor-made products suitable for your engineering architectural style.

We can also customize any necessary features to meet a client’s specific needs.

Air Curtain Supplier customizes products suitable for your engineering buildings


Air Curtain Manufacturer provides OEM&ODM services
air curtain machine manufacturer production equipment

YESNCER air curtain machine manufacturer production equipment
YESNCER Has 12 Years of OEM&ODM Experience

YESNCER has 12 years of OEM&ODM experience with rich expertise.

We offer a blend of strengths, including robust production capabilities, a skilled technical team, cost-effective manufacturing, and a knack for meeting local market demands – all geared to give you a competitive edge.

Leveraging YESNCER’s R&D prowess and production capacity, you gain access to a comprehensive package: design, production, and post-sales service.

We excel at crafting novel designs that cater to diverse architectural needs.

Our complete production line and equipment enable us to tackle substantial orders and designs.

Count on our specialized design and development team for tailored, professional services.

We empower you with multiple options – materials, processing techniques – to master cost control flexibly.

Customizable Air Curtain Packaging Guarantee System

Customized air curtains are loaded and shipped to the port for delivery.

The air curtain machines have undergone long-distance transportation, and their packaging remains intact, ensuring the products’ integrity.

YESNCER maintains strict standards throughout the packaging process.

The packaging carton is crafted from top-grade 5-layer corrugated paper, with super-hard polyurethane filling to prevent product movement within the carton, the air curtains are double-wrapped in moisture-proof packaging bags.

Even in the event of minor damage to the carton packaging, the air curtains will remain undamaged.

Based on your customized air curtain, we will create specially designed cartons featuring your LOGO.

YESNCER air curtain production workshop Banner
Provide Engineering nd Construction Scheme Design & Matching

Offer installation and matching solutions for tall industrial plants, warehouses, mining sites, and more, delivering energy-efficient heating options for diverse large-scale events.

Execute specialized elongation, heightening, and ultra-thin optimization designs and manufacturing.

Adapt by providing fixed or adjustable air outlets based on building conditions.

Furnish design, manufacturing, and installation services, tailoring plans to individual customer requirements.

What are OEM&ODM Customized Content?

Width, Height, Color, Shape, etc.

Can be customized according to customer requirements for energy-saving heating solutions.

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