3,000 Square Meter Billiards Hall Equipped Cassette Fan Coil Unit

The 3,000-square-meter billiards hall is outfitted with air source heat pumps and cassette fan coil units.

Before tailoring the cassette fan coil units and air source heat pump systems for Austrian customers, YESNCER needs to grasp the local climate nuances and temperature range.


YESNCER’s research and development team has identified the following climate information for Austria:
Austria enjoys a temperate climate influenced by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and northwest, transitioning from a temperate maritime climate to a temperate continental climate in the east. The country can be categorized into three climate zones.
Austria experiences neither severe cold in winter nor scorching heat in summer, with an average annual temperature of 7℃ to 10℃. July averages around 17℃, while January dips to an average of -3℃. Precipitation is adequate, ranging from 700 to 900 mm annually and reaching up to 2,000 mm in some areas.
YESNCER’s design team recognizes that regional temperatures can fluctuate significantly, from a high of 26°C to a low of -8°C. Consequently, when designing and matching hydronic cassette fan coil units and air source heat pump systems for customer projects, they account for the highest and lowest temperatures. This ensures that customer projects have ample cooling capacity and offer a comfortable indoor temperature environment.

Austria is a nation where billiards is particularly popular among the public. Considering the building’s layout and poor airflow due to a high volume of visitors, the design department allocated space for a seating area with a bar table to provide patrons with a comfortable resting area, that permits smoking.

The building was renovated from an old factory and lacks overall thermal insulation. Indoors, there’s no ceiling decoration, and the building’s height is approximately 3.5 meters. It’s divided into three sections: an entertainment area, a leisure area, and a competition area, all without walls isolating them, allowing for airflow between the regions.

Installation site of Austrian cassette fan coil unit billiards hall
Installation site of Austrian cassette fan coil unit billiards hall
Cassette fan coil unit billiard hall installation site
Cassette fan coil unit billiard hall installation site

Taking all this information into account, YESNCER presented two options to the customer:

Recommend employing horizontal fan coil units with an air source heat pump to configure the indoor HVAC system. The rationale is that, given the building’s poor thermal insulation and complex indoor environment, it’s safer and more practical to use horizontal fan coil units that can direct air downward and employ air ducts to distribute cold or hot air throughout the room.

Suggest increasing the total power of the outdoor unit (air source heat pump). If the indoor insulation is good and the ceiling height is under 3 meters, even with complex visitor flow, two 50P air source heat pumps can efficiently provide cooling and heating. However, given the existing conditions, based on preliminary estimates, the company’s technical team recommends employing 3-5 50P air source heat pumps to meet indoor comfort requirements.

The customer ultimately opted for the second option, procuring 5 air source heat pumps to pair with 25 hydronic cassette fan coil units.